Minor Improvements


Hello all. Just wanted to show you how I’ve finally started decorating my second Midori Traveler’s Notebook refill. A few days ago, I posted a video of the first completed one. All your positive feedback has given me the encouragement to personalize my notebook more. I originally went with simple layouts when journaling (except for those few crazy days) because I always worried that if I went crazy with the decorating, it would take away form my writing. And, frankly, I had this horrible misconception that “adults” didn’t put glitter in their notebooks. Now though, I’ve started to let loose and just decorate my notebooks however I like. Everything goes! (Granted, no glitter has been used thus far. It’s too messy, even for me.) Well, for all of you journalers out there, what do you use in your own notebooks? Also, if you have pictures please send me a link!

For those of you who never saw my first flip, here’s a link to the Youtube video. Well, hope you all have a wonderful day!


Fixing the damage.


A while ago I posted about my handmade traveler’s notebook, the pocket sized one. However, a few days ago the apartment hound (a.k.a Miko) got to it and knawed at the front upper corner. I had no choice but to trim it down, add new beads to the spine, and Tim Holtz corners to hide the rest of the damage. Here’s a before picture:


And though the damage isn’t present here, you can see it in my travel kit post. Here’s to steady hands, tough leather and Tim Holtz.

PS: this is not a marketting gimmick but if Tim Holtz feels like paying me for this, I will not complain.

Have a good evening folks!

midori flip cover

Journal Flip Video


Thought I would share with you all a video I uploaded to Youtube. It’s of my first completed Midori Traveler’s Notebook refill. A few days ago, I blogged about a few of my writing techniques, or more specifically, things I do to keep myself motivated; and so I thought it would be nice to share one of my smaller notebooks with you. This gives you some insight into my journals and even mind. (Please, do not be afraid.) 

Well, have a great weekend everyone! 

A Few of My Writing Techniques


There are countless styles and methods centered around journal keeping, and this is because of our own uniqueness. Sticking to one style is then actually pretty hard to do, especially for me. I am known to change my wiring style and formats constantly, yet it all centers on my mood and how much time I have before getting dragged back into the crazy life pit. (You all been there, right? It ain’t pretty. Yes, I said ain’t.) So, here are a few techniques  that I’m currently using to keep myself writing: 

1. Note taking in pocket journals 

After making my pocket sized traveler’s notebook, I stopped jotting notes on random pieces of paper and sticky notes, which would then be shoved into the closest bag or pocket. (And of which I’d lose half of by end of day.) With my pocket notebook, I am able to jot down ideas for future posts, journal entries, stories, poems, quotes, and just how I feel overall. This helps as a quick getaway (without actually getting away), and works as a reference. (On a side note, this is also a great memory technique, because by writing things down I forget fewer things.) 

2. Writing at night 

Not everyone’s a night person, but I am for the most part. (Unless I had a rough day.) The quietness that comes at night is a great reprieve after all the noises of the day, the screaming children (the neighbors’, not mine), barking dogs (the roommate’s), the TV, cars, motorcycles with no mufflers that set off car alarms in passing (the neighbor’s . . . bastard), the dings and beeps of registers, and power tools (the acrylic cutter, like nails on chalkboard, or worse) and so many others. So, I’ve made it a habit to retreat to my room at night and write as much as I can in my notebooks, also, pull out the notes of the day and scan them for inspiration. I sometimes write half a page, a page, and on good days 2-3 pages. (On another side note, keeping notes and then writing a bit in the larger notebook helps me with that “writer’s guilt” that some of us are plagued with, where we feel like we’re being very unproductive. Ain’t I a little cheater?) If you’re a morning person, you can also designate a bit of time to writing early in the day, before anyone else is up and running. 

3. Seeking inspiration 

Staring at a blank page and getting cold sweats is nothing new to me, and to many of you. Something about the blankness, the emptiness, just seems so intimidating to the point where I want to do anything but stain the page with my mental diarrhea. (Now there’s an image.) One way I’ve gotten myself out of this frozen state is by ignoring the page for a few minutes, and scrolling Tumblr or Facebook for a while. Also, watching Youtube videos on other’s notebooks. Seeing other’s work makes me feel better because just as pretty as their work is, there are also some that are plain, or well, not overly decorated. And that’s okay, because it makes me think that I can try my best and just be me on the page. One thing, for example, that I do now is use a lot more washi tape. I decorate my notebooks more, and no longer keep back the child within me. So, if you ever look at my notebooks, you can see that there are really decked out pages, and then pages with nothing but my writing. 

4. Interacting with others online 

Like the point before, seeing other’s work has proven very useful to me inspirationally. Interacting with them is even better, because not only do you get some great feedback on your work, but you can also meet like minded individuals and discover new ideas, styles, and supplies to channel into your own work. One example that comes to mind instantly is the whole Midori Notebook craze. When I first got my notebook, I had no idea it was so popular. I just remember seeing it on Amazon, watching a few videos on Youtube, and then coughing up the money for it (with some buyers guilt, I might add). Soon after getting it, I discovered just how popular the notebook got, and how many people started interacting with one another because of it. Pretty cool, no? I will admit, when I first saw how popular they got, I felt as if I had inadvertently followed the crowd. But you know what, I didn’t and even if I did, that’s okay because I love my notebook and plan to make a few more now that I have the proper tools to do so.

Well, these are just a few things that I’ve recently been doing to further my journaling. There are more but I don’t want to create such a long list, if you have any suggestions or ideas, or even questions, please don’t hesitate in commenting! 

Have a great week everyone! 

Current Travel Kit

Hello All,

Here are a couple pictures of writing supplies I carry with me when traveling, or visiting home. As you can see, I was playing with the filters on my phone.


These are my travel notebooks, and a pen case I recently bought at Michaels. A bit childish, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. Sadly, if you look at the corner of the smaller notebook, you can see some doggy damage. I plan to cut it down as much as possible and then add Tim Holtz metal corners to it to hide the damage. (I really don’t feel like making a whole new notebook, I bonded with this one.)


And here is inside the case. I am thinking of gluing down some elastic to either side to keep the pens from shifting around, kinda like a cigarette case. From left to right, you can see my Pilot Hi-TEC C’s, a Staedtler Noris pencil, a Parker Jotter (with blue gel ink), a cheap (but amazingly nice) fine tip pen from Ink, a Lamy safari, a Pilot Metropolitan and a Pilot Coleto. Amazingly enough, I’m carrying a lot more colors than I was before, maybe because I finally have the inspiration to brighten up my journalling, but it’s mostly because I have letters to write and those I do like to decorate with doodles and such. Well, have a great day guys!


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