Many of you already know by now that I am rather fond of stationary and writing utensils, okay, obsessed. I really am, I’m that person that is happy to spend hours and hours on different websites reading and researching and overall ogling different types of fountain pens. I’m that person who watches TV and notices the pens characters use on shows and movies, and I feel damn proud of myself when I’m able to note the particular brand and especially model. I even dance when it turns out that I have the same one.

(Stop shaking your head, save the judgement for the end of this post.)

Here is a recent example: I was watching Endeavour from Masterpiece, and Agent Carter from Marvel and realized both have Parker Jotters (or very close lookalikes.) Jotters are made to look like vintage pens, so I assume the main actors of the show were handed these. Morse has a black one, and Betty Carter has a red one (in her purse).

Okay, you can judge me now.

Anyone else obsessed about something random like this?

Day 28! The Final Day


28) Nerves: was there ever a time when you lost your nerve? When you really thought you could do something only to learn otherwise the very last moment? If not, do you ever see this happening to you? What do you think your reaction will be, or how would you feel? Now, was there ever a time when you reclaimed your nerve? Give details. And, if not, tell me how you plan to reclaim it. How will you feel?

Days 26 & 27 of 28

26) Rewriting Nightmares: write about a past or recent nightmare that stuck with you. Why was it so scary? How would you change it so it wasn’t?

27) Guilty Pleasures: you’re in the grocery store. What aisle do you hit first? Name the brand, flavor and any other descriptive details about your guilty pleasure and write why you love it so much. Is it attached to a particular memory?

Days 23 & 24 of 28

23) The Collector: collect things from around you, or from your day. Write about them and how they relate to you as a person. (Ex: you will find several coffee shop receipts in my notebook. What can I say, I’m addicted to coffee.)

24) Instances: our lives are made up of moments, instances where we come together and then part. Write about a time when you met someone for the first time, or only time. Who was this person, what did you (or didn’t you) talk about and if you could, would you meet them again? What would you do or say?

Writing, pens, notebooks & other scraps of randomness.


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