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Newest Addition to My Fountain Pen Ink Collection


J. Herbin’s Bleu Ocean. After seeing the Stormy Grey sample from Raissa, I looked up the collection and fell in love with this blue one. Call it a graduation gift to myself.


Blogging Tool #5: Pens (Part II), Adding Color to Your Notebook!


Hello Everyone,

Sorry this is so late. Today’s Blogging Tool will have to be something simple, given that I have to be at court later today. (Fighting against a red light ticket that’s not even mine, yay.) Wish me luck won’t you?

But anyway, on to more brighter matters. (Literally speaking, no pun intended.) Today, I wanted to post about a few pens in my collection that I like to use to add color to my notes and schedules. Sadly, there will be no video this time, just a picture of how they write at the end. Hopefully, I can make another one for a future Tool post.

Well, enjoy!

Pilot Petit: these come in a variety of colors, and when capped are just a tad bit over 3 inches. I found these in a Maido shop in San Francisco last year, and bought these two and a green one. These can be turned into eye-droppers by sealing up the ink chambers with silicone grease. But, I prefer just using the cartridges because I don’t use these as much as I used to. (I tend to switch pens on a whim.) Still, they’re really portable, colorful, and rather cheap. (Each cost me about three dollars, and a pack of five cartridges was about the same.)


Bic 4-Color: though I’m not a huge fan of rollerball pens, I do like this one because it comes with four colors. It’s great for planners, for example, and quick note taking.


Stabilo Point 88 Pens: felt tip pens with 0.4 fine tips, which also come in various colors. I also got these in San Francisco several months ago. I loved the vibrancy of the inks, but the only downside to them is that they bleed through thinner and cheaper papers, like binder paper.


The Lamy Safari: this pen I got in January. Lamy is a German brand, and this is one of the most popular fountain pens, especially around students. This is because it is pretty economic (and pretty, in a militaristic kind of way), has one of the smoothest nibs around, and is made out of thick matte plastic that feels very sturdy, and the metal clip doesn’t budge very easily once attached. I got a converter for it so I can load it with any ink I want, and currently it’s Waterman’s Tender Purple.



Lastly: writing samples


Have a great day everyone!