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Must Have on Your Cellphone! (No, I am not trying to sell you anything.)

Hello Again,

So, I am not a heavy cell phone gamer but occasionally, there is a game that catches my attention and keeps it. And before you think it, this will not be turning into a game review blog, I promise. Recently, I downloaded Deemo (by Rayark Inc.) from the Android Play store on my phone because it looked interesting, and it is! It is a musical note type of game, where you tap on lines on the screen to keep with the rhythm (like a toned down version of DDR) and get scored on how accurately you tap each line. Below, I provide you with a few screenshots of the game from my phone, and the soundtrack on youtube. The music really is very beautiful, especially the first two songs. (These are my favorite.) When you have free time, please check out this awesome game!





Well, have a wonderful week!