Surprise Happy Mail!

So this arrived this morning and completely made my morning!

A package from Raissa! (Look how the colors coordinate!) I think this is the coral edition of the Lamy Safari, but I’m not one hundred percent sure. Either way, I love the color! (I was actually considering getting the coral edition after my charcoal safari met it’s demise under a misplaced acetone swab.)
Well, anyway thanks again Raissa!!


Amazing Snailmail!

So this took me a while to upload but here it is, an amazing RAK parcel I received from the amazing Raissa in Delaware, a few weeks back! I usually post snailmail related things in my other (mail) blog but thought this would be great here, since this is technically a writing material themed post. Haha.



These Midori Travelers Notebook inserts are handmade. As of now, I’ve started using the one on the farthest right. As well as some of the vintage Belgian stamps.


The fountain pen ink samples are great as well, so far I’ve only used the Ancient Copper sample in my 1997 Parker Frontier. I can’t wait to use the Stormy Grey one though, there are gold flecks in there folks!


It’s is a Noodler’s Ahab flex pen, and so far I’ve started to get the hang of the nib. It does take up a lot of ink, and sometimes I end up with in stains on my fingers from all the tinkering. But I’ve finally gotten it to a good setting and it writes quite smoothly. (At the moment, I have Noodler’s Burgundy ink stains on my hands.) This also came with a separate nonflex nib.


Lastly, there was also a Faber Castell LOOM, with an extra fine nib. Thus pen writes a very nice fine line. And it feels very durable!
Well, many thanks to Raissa for her kindness. This package made my day completely.
Well, have a good one folks!

Midori Traveler’s Notebook: Passport Black

Hello Everyone!

Long time no post, I know. Well, today I wanted to share with you a glimpse at my latest acquisition: a black passport size Midori Traveler’s Notebook! I have wanted one for some time but couldn’t justify paying $40 for such a small notebook. However, I got lucky when I found a new listing on Ebay offering this exact one for $26 and free shipping! So obviously I went for it and here it is, ready for me to set up and start using! Stay tuned for more updates, and have a wonderful day!


It’s brand new too, and came in the original packaging.

IMG_4537I love the little slip that comes with it (to the right) even though I don’t understand a lick of Japanese. (Okay, so I know like three words.)

IMG_4542Here’s a comparison of the new passport Midori with my year-old Regular Midori. Obviously one’s been through a miniature war.

IMG_4538This is practically everything it came with: one insert, booklet, extra colored elastic bands, and the cotton protective bag.

Well, have a good one!


Many of you already know by now that I am rather fond of stationary and writing utensils, okay, obsessed. I really am, I’m that person that is happy to spend hours and hours on different websites reading and researching and overall ogling different types of fountain pens. I’m that person who watches TV and notices the pens characters use on shows and movies, and I feel damn proud of myself when I’m able to note the particular brand and especially model. I even dance when it turns out that I have the same one.

(Stop shaking your head, save the judgement for the end of this post.)

Here is a recent example: I was watching Endeavour from Masterpiece, and Agent Carter from Marvel and realized both have Parker Jotters (or very close lookalikes.) Jotters are made to look like vintage pens, so I assume the main actors of the show were handed these. Morse has a black one, and Betty Carter has a red one (in her purse).

Okay, you can judge me now.

Anyone else obsessed about something random like this?

Day 28! The Final Day


28) Nerves: was there ever a time when you lost your nerve? When you really thought you could do something only to learn otherwise the very last moment? If not, do you ever see this happening to you? What do you think your reaction will be, or how would you feel? Now, was there ever a time when you reclaimed your nerve? Give details. And, if not, tell me how you plan to reclaim it. How will you feel?

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