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Personal Studies


Last night I finally got my copy of Frankenstein back from my sister (who was using it as a prop no less), and had the chance to plow through the introductions and one of the main characters first letters. So far I’m on chapter 3, where Frankenstein (the doctor, not the creation) is explaining the series of events that lead to him being stranded in Russian ice waters to his savior, Captain Walton. It’s a slow read, but interesting and surprisingly very easy to follow for something nearing two hundred years in age. What has everyone else been reading lately?


Reading Interests


It’s nice when you can spend a morning reading.  A while ago,  a professor of mine gave away several of her books to her students.  Among them was Carl G. Jung’s Man and his Symbols (1964), which I snagged before someone else could.  Now that I finally have the time,  I cracked the book open and started reading it, only to realize how lucky I am.  The study of dreams and symbolism has always been an interest of mine,  mainly because I’m a lucid dreamer,  and because I always found it hard to believe what standard dream interpretation books said about symbols in one’s dreams. After all, if we’re unique individuals,  then we can’t really apply the same definitions to everyone’s dreams.

I’m also glad I rediscovered this book because it’s been a while since I’ve started reading something genuinely interesting and intellectual at the same time.  Not to say fiction novels aren’t intellectual, they can be,  but one of my biggest hang-ups is that I don’t like feeling like I’m not learning.  I’m impatient by nature and hate feeling like I’m wasting time,  which is a negative,  especially because it’s hard to relax when I do have the time. Crazy,  I know. I’ll be working on that some more this coming year.  How about you guys,  planning to work on anything specific in 2015?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas,  and that you all have an equally or even more amazing new years! Till next time.