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Watch “Midori Flip #3: April – May 2015” on YouTube

Hey guys, I finished another Midori Insert and uploaded a video to youtube. Check it out when you have the chance! (And yup, it’s one of Raissa’s inserts!)


Midori Photoshoot: My notebook throughout the last couple weeks.


As of this morning. This beautiful charm is also from the lovely Raissa. It looks amazing on my Midori. Instant love.


Reading Frankenstein at Starbucks before work. I love writing down memorable quotes.


A bit of decorating.


A page with some German tea sleeves. You can see the charm I had on it before.


One of my handmade flower bookmarks.


This one is from the beginning of the year, with Picadilly inserts and my Purple Al-Star.

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Days 19 & 20 of 28

Sorry for the lateness again.
19) A Sudden Train Ride: someone walks up to you. You don’t know this person, but they hand you an even more mysterious train ticket. You go to the station (Where is it by the way?) and hop on the train. Where does it take you? Describe what you see.

20) Mystery Mail: Write an anonymous letter, then mail it off to someone. A friend, a stranger, anyone you like. Who do you mail it to and why? What do you say to them?