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Exit Hiatus

Now that my college life is officially over (for now), I have finally been able to return to some of my more enjoyable hobbies. Mainly, writing. (Blogging included.) I’d like to thank several of you who have reached out to me in the last few days to ask how I was doing, and for your birthday well-wishes. (Thanks Dan!)

First things first, I feel like this blog needs a change, so I’ve decided to change its name. I feel like I’ve outgrown the whole philosophy of living in the moment, and have started facing the world head on. I’m not a kid anymore, though my inner child remains in permanent denial, and the world I live in is not perfect. But it is, it exists and I look forward to learning more from it.

Well, thanks for your patience guys. Take care and have a great week.

Best, Mary


Midori Photoshoot: My notebook throughout the last couple weeks.


As of this morning. This beautiful charm is also from the lovely Raissa. It looks amazing on my Midori. Instant love.


Reading Frankenstein at Starbucks before work. I love writing down memorable quotes.


A bit of decorating.


A page with some German tea sleeves. You can see the charm I had on it before.


One of my handmade flower bookmarks.


This one is from the beginning of the year, with Picadilly inserts and my Purple Al-Star.

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Many of you already know by now that I am rather fond of stationary and writing utensils, okay, obsessed. I really am, I’m that person that is happy to spend hours and hours on different websites reading and researching and overall ogling different types of fountain pens. I’m that person who watches TV and notices the pens characters use on shows and movies, and I feel damn proud of myself when I’m able to note the particular brand and especially model. I even dance when it turns out that I have the same one.

(Stop shaking your head, save the judgement for the end of this post.)

Here is a recent example: I was watching Endeavour from Masterpiece, and Agent Carter from Marvel and realized both have Parker Jotters (or very close lookalikes.) Jotters are made to look like vintage pens, so I assume the main actors of the show were handed these. Morse has a black one, and Betty Carter has a red one (in her purse).

Okay, you can judge me now.

Anyone else obsessed about something random like this?

Thoughts on Field Notes, Platinum and Pilot Highlighters

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Lately (okay, always) I’ve been trying out notebook and pen brands to see which fit my taste the most. Not only taste, of course, but also practicality, portability, and availability since I do kind of fall under the “starving artist” category regarding bank.   (Haha, tiny sob.) Therefore, on my most recent visit to San Francisco, I picked up a cheap Platinum Preppy pen to see why it was so popular, and a Pilot Frixion Highlighter. I also purchased a pack of Field Notes and a Black n’ Red notebook a few days before on Amazon. Here are my thoughts on these products:
imageI always carry a pocket notebook wherever I go, jotting down random thoughts and ideas and later transferring them to larger, designated (according to topi) notebooks. However, I never had the chance to try out Field Notes until now, when I ran across these on Amazon. The covers are real, flexible, wood (almost like balsa wood but much thinner) adhered to craft paper, and the gold staples on the spines are a nice tough. (Though I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the stitched spine regularly.) The paper, a paler off-white compared Moleskine’s cahiers, isn’t anything special in my opinion. Fountain pen bleeds through, just like it does on regular paper. But I like the grid pattern that came in these. Overall, they’re a nice, inexpensive, on-the-go notebooks and I plan to get a few more once these are up. I did see the Ambition line on GouletPens.com and am really considering getting a set. They’re just that pretty.
imageAt Mido in San Francisco’s Japan Town, I purchased this blue Platinum Preppy and Blue Pilot Highlighter, the Frixion kind. (Erasable via friction type, in case you’re not familiar.) The highlighter is pretty cool, but what I was really looking for was a red highlighter. A while ago, I tried out Sharpie’s highlighters and fell in love with the red one to the point where I finished it out fast. However, a pack costs over ten dollars in most places, and I don’t feel like paying that much for a single highlighter. (The other colors are nice too, but I don’t use them as much.) One day, I hope Sharpie makes a bulk pack of reds just like they have with the other colors. Anyway, the Platinum Preppy is made of sturdy plastic, and thicker than I originally thought. (Not a bad thing though.) One thing to note, however, is that though the nib says it’s a 03, this doesn’t mean it’s a .3 nib. It’s bold, laying down medium lines. I emptied out the cartridge that came with it and loaded it with Noodler’s Ottoman Azure (which, FYI, is a pretty dry ink.) and it write’s pretty well. Mine does skip now and then, but that’s to be expected for a three dollar pen.


This Black n’ Red notebook remained on my Amazon Wishlist for the longest time, thanks to their add-on program. It’s both a blessing and a curse if you ask me, because, sure, the items in it are cheaply priced but the kick in the pants comes when you hit the checkout button and learn that you can’t get it unless you buy $25 worth of other merchandise. Otherwise, it remains in the warehouse until you’ve made such purchase even if you’ve already paid for the darn things! So, when my sister treated herself to a boogie board this month, I added this notebook onto her checkout list. Don’t ask me why she’d get a BB, I see no reason to get one when one already has a phone or tablet, but hey, like the Spanish saying goes “cada loco con su tema.” (Every crazy with their own theme. More specifically, everyone’s got their own hangup, or every crazy has a thing.) I really like the look of this notebook, especially the color scheme. However, it’s note really cloth-bound on the side, and though the paper is a smooth thick white, and treated specifically to withstand many kinds of inks, it makes it so fountain pen inks and gel inks take a while to dry on it. This makes note taking (my intention for this notebook) a bit of a slow process as I have to wait for the ink laid down to fully dry before flipping the page.

In all, I like these products. I would probably buy them again (except for the Platinum Preppy, I like Pilot’s cheaper pens better). Thanks for hanging in there with me, and if you use these products yourself or have any other questions, please comment below. I’d love to know wha you think or what you use them for!

Have a good week all!

Prompts that Didn’t Quite Make It


Hello All,

Here are a few prompts that didn’t quite make it into my 28 Days of Writing events. Not because they’re no good, but because there were a few others that I just had to include. So, in the case that you want to sit down tonight (or just today in general), these are some great prompts to get you started!

1) During the months, weeks, or days leading up to the new year, what did you feel? Why? How do you feel now that the new year is here, and what do you hope happens in the following months?

2) Find someone close to you, someone you love, and dedicate a page (or more) to them. Write about what they are like, what you love about them and if you want (at your own risk) what you dislike about them. Embarrassing pictures are a plus.

3) The Story Collector: write down a personal story someone told you. Either interview someone or write it down from memory. Then, write about what you learned from it or how it made you feel.

Well, have a great day and remember, just a few more days before the fun begins! Don’t forget to follow me, use the tags #thirteensprompts or #28daysofwriting, or message me if you plan to participate or if you have any questions.

Well, have a great day and remember, just a few more days before the fun begins! Don’t forget to follow me, use the tags #thirteensprompts or #28daysofwriting, or message me if you plan to participate or if you have any questions.