Watch “Midori Flip #3: April – May 2015” on YouTube

Hey guys, I finished another Midori Insert and uploaded a video to youtube. Check it out when you have the chance! (And yup, it’s one of Raissa’s inserts!)


3 thoughts on “Watch “Midori Flip #3: April – May 2015” on YouTube”

  1. My dear friend Mary!!! This was lovely! Didn’t know you have a YouTube channel… I’ll have to take a deep look on all your vids. It was awesome to see your beautiful handwriting on video… I sent you a letter like a week ago or so…. I’ve been very busy, but I’m as always trying to catch up.

    Let me tell you, your Midori looks wonderful…. I wonder if I should buy one. What do you think? Should I?

    1. Hey there, yes I got your letter. Things have been crazy on my end too, I’ll tell you about it in my response. And in regards to your question, GET ONE! I love mine, and am planning to get the blue one once the Goulet pen company restocks.

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