Apparently, I Give off Sunshine (and Not Cloudshine)


Hello Everyone!

First, I want to thank Nic of Adventures & Thought Bubbles for nominating me for this interesting award, I am really (really) thankful! [Shakes hand] Now, I’m going to present 11 facts about myself as instructed, but will not be nominating all ten blogs at once. (After all, yesterday’s assignment involved nominating blogs.) So, for now I will just nominate five blogs, and five more tomorrow. (What can I say, I’m a rule breaker.)

(No, I lied. I’m a nerd through and through.)

But I’ll stop stalling.

Here are my eleven facts:

1. I am addicted to Starbucks Refreshers. (No joke, I have one almost every day.)

2. Math and I will be at war until the day I die.

3. I am afraid of water beetles. (If I see one, I kid you not, I’ll scream like a little girl and run.)

4. I secretly want a t-shirt that reads: future queen of the world.

5. Baskin Robins “Banana Royal” (with fudge instead of caramel) is now my new favorite ice cream dish.

6. I do not want to work in the legal or medical field, but sadly, that is where I might end up. (Cuz, let’s face it, that’s where the money is.)

7. I am always open to questions from my readers. (Hint. Hint.)

8. I dislike Beethoven, but love Bach and Chopin. (But, hands down, Apocalyptica rules.)

9.   Mushroom in my food makes me want to cry.

10. The process of frying fish whole freaks me out. (Seriously, have you seen what happens to the eyes?)

11. My greatest wish is for this blog to succeed, and even more, to build my own community (with all of your help).

Finally, here are five of my nominees, enjoy!

The Better Man Project 


The Gravel Ghost 

From One Crazy Life To Another 

Made By Steven

Well, have a good night folks!

(It’s 1:10 AM here. Parents are coming for a visit in the morning. Not ganna get much sleep.)

PS: And yes, I made up “cloudshine”.


12 thoughts on “Apparently, I Give off Sunshine (and Not Cloudshine)”

  1. I love the cloud shine reference! Very original and funny. I hate math too, and honestly the medical field isn’t all bad. The law field is filled with hypocritical views and opinions. If you’re a defense attorney, you defend the guilty and if you’re a prosecuting attorney, you prosecute the innocent. There are other lawyer types, but it’s sad that the law field is becoming more and more corrupt by the day.

    1. Thanks again. Now and then I’m blessed with a flicker of genius haha. And you’re right about the law field. Luckily I’m studying to be an interpreter, and that way I hope to help non English speakers with their cases, give them backup and make sure no one is trying to take advantage or trick them into sighting documents that they shouldn’t.

      1. Haha thanks, I’m proud of myself there too. For a long time it didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I just floated around from class to class at my university. But then one day, one of my future Spanish professors ran into me in an English class and practically dragged me into the Spanish department. During my studies there I learned about so many of the injustices that people face that several times I found myself crying. As a child of immigrant parents, it hit real close to home. Or dead on, actually. So, I had an epiphany and decided to become an interpreter as well as a writer. Wow, sorry for the rant haha!

      2. Oh it’s okay, I love rants! Rants sometimes gives me inspiration, or it could give you inspiration. Feel free to rant! That’s what I want here, I want people to feel comfortable enough to rant on my blog and know they won’t be judged or looked at funny..even though if someone judged you or looked at you funny for this..I’d be confused

        In fact I’d make a face like this O.o?

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