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Many of you already know by now that I am rather fond of stationary and writing utensils, okay, obsessed. I really am, I’m that person that is happy to spend hours and hours on different websites reading and researching and overall ogling different types of fountain pens. I’m that person who watches TV and notices the pens characters use on shows and movies, and I feel damn proud of myself when I’m able to note the particular brand and especially model. I even dance when it turns out that I have the same one.

(Stop shaking your head, save the judgement for the end of this post.)

Here is a recent example: I was watching Endeavour from Masterpiece, and Agent Carter from Marvel and realized both have Parker Jotters (or very close lookalikes.) Jotters are made to look like vintage pens, so I assume the main actors of the show were handed these. Morse has a black one, and Betty Carter has a red one (in her purse).

Okay, you can judge me now.

Anyone else obsessed about something random like this?


Possible Interpretations 2: All Swords


Hello Everyone, 

I hope this Sunday is treating you well, and that everyone’s having fun somewhere out there in this big old globe. A while ago, I did a post on Tarot Card Interpretations, and how one can use these cards as a means of writing inspiration, and on the types of stories that can be created depending on the cards drawn. So far, I’ve received some great feedback, so here’s the second installment. This time, instead of using the Gilded Tarot Deck, I used one called the Lunatic Tarot, a Korean deck with amazing artwork. (Though, both decks are quite amazingly detailed in their own right.) 

One thing I noticed in these cards, is that they’re very untraditional. (And I don’t mean this because some of the cards are a bit risqué.) They don’t represent the color scheme used in some of the more traditional cards, for example, all three cards are from the Suit of Swords, representative of air. For visual association, some cards reflect the color of their element. Blue, or air, is the color of the mind. Logic, reason, forethought. It is the non-emotional side of us. Thus, the sword represent reason cutting through mental fog. (Like Virgil suddenly appearing to Pilgrim Dante in the Inferno, after his epic fail before the Mountain of Bliss. And yes, this reference was unavoidable, and more shall come!) 

A bit about the cards: 

Six of Swords: In this one we see a woman ferrying herself through a river or lake, face calm. This card represents transitions and, sometimes, physical journeys. Often, it means moving out of a chaotic atmosphere into a calmer one, like the tranquility after a storm. 

King of Swords: Individuals like him can be found in legal or disciplinary fields, such as law enforcement, law, and anything that requires an analytical nature. They can appear detached, emotionless even, but are wise and known to give great advice. They represent the side of us that is not ruled by emotion. 

Four of Swords: Pretend this card is the Energizer Bunny after the comercial ends, trying to catch a breath. This card represents a moment of reenergizing, a time to take a breather and just recharge emotionally and, or spiritually. 

And, for what you’ve been waiting for! 

4 Possible Interpretations: 

1. (Left to right) Almost to the End 

The character sits in her ferry (or train, boat, airplane), pensive. She thinks about the person she must meet, the man that might or might not give her closure. She’s a solitary Dorothy growing closer to OZ, and she knows that once she gets there she will finally rest. But, what does she think about on her way there? 

2. (Right to left) A Confused Awakening 

The character awakens to find a tall figure looming over him, and he asks this figure: “Where am I?” The figure, somber faced, tells him to get up. “You need to leave soon, the boat’s almost here.” The man looks about himself, at a wold of swirling fog, and darkness. Am I dead? Or, am I alive? Before him, river waves lap at the ground, and a ferry pulls ashore. “Who are you?” He asks the person inside. 

3. (Center out) Searching for Clues 

The weathered detective sits in near darkness, the only light coming from his old desk lamp, whose bulb threatens to burn out with every flicker. He looks down at the notebook on his lap, and frustratedly he presses down on the plunger of his pen, click click, click click, and for a time it is the only sound in the entire room. What to do now? He asks himself. Not realizing, he falls asleep and awakens in the middle of a river, on a wooden boat with a single lantern hanging from staff of the woman next to him. In her free hand, she holds out something out: the clue he’s been looking for. 

4. (Visual Association) Begin it with a Funeral 

Starting a story with a funeral might be a bit cliche, but what about it being your own? And not just your own funeral, but your fetus self. You are bing lowered into the strangest white earth, and with each passing second you realize that what you are seeing is you, never being born. But, if you were never born, then who are you? Who is the person reading this question? 

So as to not overload you with text, I will end this here. However, I’d like to hear from you guys. What do you think when you see these cards, and what kind of story bits can you come up with? Enjoy the weekend! 

Possible Interpretations: Tarot Cards


What can you come up with using these three cards? 

I mentioned in a previous post that I intend to use Tarot Cards as a writing tool, just to see what I can come up with, and as a kick start during those times when coming up with even the simplest story line is near impossible. Thus, pulling out my Marchetti Gilded Deck, I shuffled the cards and pulled three from the top: Justice (left), the Three of Wands (middle) and Four of Wands (right). 

Justice, a card from the Major Arcana, can not only represent Justice, or fairness, but also responsibility, decisions, and of course legal matters (depending on context). Ironically, the Suit of Wands (Minor Arcana) represent fire, of creativity, inspiration, nature, etc., and thus the Three of wands can mean anticipation. Anticipating something new, a potential journey (either physical, psychological, or even a journey with a significant other—again, depending on context), and the Four of Wands also represents excitement, celebration and even freedom. 

But, with all of this said, I can even go off of the pictures on each card. For example, I could create stories like these: 

1. A man (or woman) goes through a court case and its results lead him (or her) into taking a long exciting journey, which ends happily. 

2. This person happens to meet someone along this journey (maybe it was a divorce?) and realizes that this was the actual person he or she was meant to be with, and  it ends with the two being married and living happily ever after. 

3. Being the cynic that I am, I could also reverse everything. A person is happy, thinks his or her life is fulfilled. All of a sudden the spouse or significant other decides that the relationship is over, destroys the stability of the other, and leads the other into taking a long, turbulent journey where things are unsure until the end. I end it with the reader wondering if this individual will survive the journey or not. 

4. One other interpretation I can have might not even be relationship related. The middle card, which (like the middle child) is the odd man out. To the right of him is a happy family, he stops to contemplate them, and then the sea before him. He thinks, “I want that” or even “I don’t want that” and so decided to set out on a journey to find out what it is that he really wants. 

Of course, these are just four interpretations that I can come up with on the fly. But I must admit, this technique worked for me. Not only do I have the basic makeup for a story (very basic, probably only enough for the first . . . or last part of a novel, but enough for a short story), but I can also imbue it with the meaning behind each card. Excitement, mystery, travel, justice, etc..

What interpretations can you guys come up with just by looking at these cards? Something different than me?

Please let me know! 

A New Writing Tool


The picture up above may have confused you just a bit, but I assure you there’s a point to it.

As many of you know, there is a myriad of writing tools available to us 24/7, from the traditional pen, paper, and books to the internet. However, there are also a few others, and up above is one of such. For a while now I’ve been considering using Tarot cards as a writing tool, mainly because they catch my interest (as anything esoteric is right up my alley) and because they also contain so much meaning. This is my second oldest deck (of which I have three, and a half), and after my occult phase went by I ended up putting them on a bookshelf where they have remained for the last two years. Yet, as I was laying in bed last night, the thought of using them as another writing tool suddenly popped in my head once again. One of the benefits of using the cards is that they represent an entire human life, like a book if you will that contains all the major events that we might encounter down the road. Thus, by using them, I can attempt to break past any fuzzy boundaries that put a lull in my writing. Thus, I plan to use them every other day by drawing a couple cards to get my mind started, and just free write on possible scenarios.

What do you guys think? Let me know if you’ve used them yourself as well;  hearing about you experiences would be very helpful.

Thanks and have a great day everyone!

Blogging Tools: Notebooks (Again)~Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Greetings All,

Sorry this is so late. As soon as Spring Break came around I hauled a** home for the last few days to see my family (and Grams, who just arrived from Mexico). It’s great seeing the family, but at the same time there’s nothing better than sleeping in my own bed. I’ve been thinking about blog maintenance again now that the Spring Quarter’s about to start, and so have come to the decision that I will make some of my serial posts more of a monthly thing than biweekly. Other changes might be on their way, but for now, I’ll move on to today’s Blogging Tool Post.

Given that already did a Blogging Notebook post a while ago, I just want to introduce this notebook to you and not go into too much detail. For a while now, I’ve wanted a traveler style notebook, and after a long time of searching I’ve finally found that one. It’s called the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, and is actually becoming quite popular. (Just look at all the pictures on Flickr!)


This is mine. I have three notebooks in it, and attached a charm from an old jacket to the bookmark attached to the leather cover. As you can see, I’ve already got a few scuffs on it.


 I also got the pocket insert and currently have it packed with an inspiration sheet (taken from WordPress’s 365’s of Writing guide–thanks WordPress!), post-it tabs, washi tape, and other things.



The first notebook, which came with the Midori leather cover, is my journal, the second one is a lines notebook (a Moleskine cashier I shaved down to size), and the third one is the Midori weekly planner insert I ordered online.


Yep, the more I use it, the more I love it. What kind of notebook do you use?

Blogging Tool #6: A Separate Monitor

Greeting and Salutations,

Now that I am finally (almost) free from the clutches of Finals Week, I am able to upload this long awaited Blogging Tool post. This time, I wanted to point out another one of my most recent additions: an extended monitor. I just started using one this year, and have to say, I have no idea how I managed to go without one. The one I am using at the moment is actually borrowed from my best friend, who just had it lying around the apartment, and, after tripping over it for the hundredth time, I finally realized to put it to good use. However, since it’s an older model it does not have an HDMI port, and so, I had to get an adaptor. (Which was best since I have a Mac now.)

Now, I don’t want to make this post as long as the other ones because, aside from cost and one more appliance hooked up to an outlet, there really isn’t much to argue against a monitor. In today’s world, things happen much more quickly. (Goodbye analog.) So, a monitor allows for further multitasking. I, for example, use mine to either do research on the side, look at other blogs and reply to my own, and watch shows online, among other things. Also, this beats having to get a second computer! In fact, my sister just updated my Macbook with OS X Mavericks and it is awesome! Now, a monitor plays much more of a role than simply an extended screen. It actually is very similar to having two computers at hand.

How many of you already use a monitor, or are planning to get one? I’m saving up to get a nicer, more modern one, but that’s slow goings. Still, Sony knows how to build good stuff, this one works amazingly!


ImageMy adaptor.

Well, have a wonderful day everyone! Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestion for future posts. Thanks!