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Things I Can’t Forget

Hello Everyone,

I know I’ve been absent for a while. To reenter the world of blogging after my long hiatus, I thought I’d share with you all a poem I’m still working on. For the moment, I plan to leave it as is, but will rework it in the future for sure. Well, have a great night and let me know what you think!


Things I Can’t Forget 

The first gulp of air 

after grappling dirty waves cast by cargo ships

cruising the Sacramento River. 

Metal, cutting through the sky’s reflection 

on the water’s surface, and 

the drone of under water still echoing in my ears. 

The first blessed step on solid ground. 

Wet sand embracing me next to wild raspberry bushes. 


The last hour of the day, 

when I call to say goodnight to my mother, father, brother, 

grandmother from my place miles away, 

near the Golden Gate, though it’s not so golden. 

The goodbyes are always longer than the calls, 

and all the while I quell that ache of distance,

and in my chest heaves a desert 

where tears become vapor, or moisture myth. 


The burn of vodka, 40%

burrowing into my chest, a fire 

accompanied with a different pain, one that soothes 

quiets the one at my center and rests my body 

de-tenses my shoulders, quiets my heavy beating heart. 

The first burn of weariness rushing away, the soul revitalizing 

for an instant, before falling silently into night.