Amazing Snailmail!

So this took me a while to upload but here it is, an amazing RAK parcel I received from the amazing Raissa in Delaware, a few weeks back! I usually post snailmail related things in my other (mail) blog but thought this would be great here, since this is technically a writing material themed post. Haha.



These Midori Travelers Notebook inserts are handmade. As of now, I’ve started using the one on the farthest right. As well as some of the vintage Belgian stamps.


The fountain pen ink samples are great as well, so far I’ve only used the Ancient Copper sample in my 1997 Parker Frontier. I can’t wait to use the Stormy Grey one though, there are gold flecks in there folks!


It’s is a Noodler’s Ahab flex pen, and so far I’ve started to get the hang of the nib. It does take up a lot of ink, and sometimes I end up with in stains on my fingers from all the tinkering. But I’ve finally gotten it to a good setting and it writes quite smoothly. (At the moment, I have Noodler’s Burgundy ink stains on my hands.) This also came with a separate nonflex nib.


Lastly, there was also a Faber Castell LOOM, with an extra fine nib. Thus pen writes a very nice fine line. And it feels very durable!
Well, many thanks to Raissa for her kindness. This package made my day completely.
Well, have a good one folks!


4 thoughts on “Amazing Snailmail!”

  1. Many thanks for the post, Mary! AND for the awesome photos which make everything look better than they ever did at my house. LOL! Enjoy!

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