It seems that my phone is acting up and doesn’t upload posts to my blog, so here are the prompts up to today yet again. Apologies.

2) Names: research your name. What does it mean and what do you think of it? Do you think it fits you, or not? Or, what would you like it to mean and why?

3) A Coded Message: come up with your own code, or find one that you like. Write yourself a message. Then, dispose or hide it away somewhere only you know. Hide the key somehow, either in your notebook or somewhere else.

4) Free Association: pick a word and write down (or web out randomly) all the thoughts, memories and ideas that come to mind because of that word.

5) Ghost Stories: what ghost story did you grow up with, or what story or urban legend scares you the most? Write down a summary and then write about why it’s so scary?

Have a good one!


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