Day 1: The Hollow Book


Day 1: The Hollow Book 

You’re in your neighborhood bookshop (or library), and about to turn into your favorite section. But then you pause, because there’s someone there replacing a series of books at a quick pace. As soon as you make eye-contact, however, the person leaves and you’re left staring at an empty aisle. Wonder what that was all about, you think and step up to the bookcase. Reaching out, you grab one of the books and notice something’s off with the weight. What the hell? Opening it, you realize it’s been hollowed out. 

What do you find? What happens next? 

That’s the prompt for today folks. Come up with your own response to this, your own even t and remember, you can be as creative as you want. Think of sensory details too, sight, scent, touch, etc., and try incorporating them into your response.

Also, sorry this is so late. My goal is to upload each prompt in the morning, but today I had a few camera difficulties. Well, go forth and write on you amazing people you!


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