Finally, some rain.


For the last few years, the Bay Area has seen little rain. Now it’s come pouring down and will be doing so for the majority of the week. Finals are coming, and I’ve been sick twice already. I know I should be happy about the rain, but some part of me wonders is Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.


24 thoughts on “Finally, some rain.”

  1. We dodged all of that heavy snow that hit the upper mid-west and northeast. We had about an inch one night and it was gone in two days. Your rain will probably be more snow when it goes over the Continental Divide and make for a lot of happy ski resort owners.

    1. Well, at least someone’s happy. Though I must admit, a rainbow after the rain is always a pleasant sight. What annoys me about the rain is not the rain itself, for the most part, but the drivers in my area. I was in an accident recently where someone rear ended me and sped off as I was pulling over. In the last few days, I’ve almost had a few others because of reckless drivers, and this holiday weekend there were two four car collisions in the major freeway. My parents were stuck behind one (luckily only as bystander) on Thanksgiving day.

      1. I don’t mean to rub it in, but literally every time I drive somewhere these days, I thank the universe I’m not driving anywhere in California. BAHAHA. What would really surprise me is if you said the person hastily got out and asked if you were okay. AND PEOPLE IN NORCAL ARE SUPPOSED TO BE NICER LOL. XD Either way, all that sickness and hit-n-runs sucks. 😦 Fortunately I got you something for Xmas that won’t be affected by the rain. πŸ˜‰ YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THIS JOKE ONCE YOU OPEN THE PRESENT (I THINK/HOPE).

      2. Amazingly enough, my first accedent was caused by another crazy mofo that cut me off in mid left turn, and the guy I hit actually got out to make sure my sister and I were ok, because he’d seen the guy that caused the whole thing (whom also sped off). I don’t know, sometimes I feel like just doing public transportation always. I do take the train to SF however, like fudge I’m driving there hahaha.

      3. My worst accident was in California; someone without a license rear-ended me in an old truck (heavier metal frame that modern vehicles) doing 55 mph and shoved my car two van-lengths into the truck in front of me–the e-brake was on, and the regular brake was pressed of course. It totaled my car, and the douchebag limped his broke-ass truck (none of us three involved were able to just drive away from this accident) down the freeway offramp and ditched it.

        I was so incredibly mad about that encounter, and I began to notice just how many times I would avoid a collision just going to the damn grocery. Needless to say, I haven’t have any encounters like that since I ditched that place. πŸ˜€ Do you plan on staying there your whole life?

      4. Oh man, that’s really a bad one. My first one was in a 1990 Jeep Cherokee, so I was lucky enough to get off with minor damage. But I’ve never had one that bad. I’m glad you weren’t critically injured though, and I hope that asshoke was put in jail. I have been more careful now, but sadly I live in a commuter city, and next to a major city as well. I must admit, I love the Bay Area, and would like to make this place my home. However, I do want to live in other places for a while, like New Orleans or New Mexico. I’m not sure, I just want to go exploring haha. How about you?

      5. I got another Scion after that because of how well the car stood up to such torment. It was only JUST BARELY totaled despite absorbing the impact between two old trucks. They’re really safe cars, economic, high-tech and my 2nd gen is a fast little thing with a truck’s engine in it. That guy got away scott-free. The cops arrived at the scene about an hour later, and he had already taken the truck to a chop shop, I bet.

        The Bay Area is a nice, but it still comes with all the gayness that is California. Further north near Shasta Lake is a really nice place if you’ve never been up there–makes you almost forget you’re in California.

        Well, of the states I’ve been to, I enjoy Colorado, Florida and Ohio the most, but I would really like to visit more of the Atlantic Coast. I can’t really decide where I want to permanently live during the next stage of my life, but it’ll probably be one of those three. I’ve been on the move since I was 20, so I’m kinda just ready to find a spot to settle, haha. Sadly enough, I’m terribly picky and no place is ever right for me so far. I want the tropics, but I want snow. I want the desert, but I want freezing rain. I want the mountains, but I want to live in the plains. I love France, but I hate their weather. I think I’d really like to live in or around the Great Lakes next.

        Careful! Once you find out how different life is away from that state, you might get addicted to it! ;D

      6. I know I’m used to the weather here, and all my complaining aside, I like crazy weather. I considered trying Portland because of the rain, but I would also like someone with older architecture. My dream house is either a Victorian or a brownstone, but Damn are those expensive. I also want to go to Mexico but it’s been real dangerous there lately. In all, I encourage other places to seduce me haha.

      7. If you like crazy weather, you should definitely try the plains or the south. California’s weather is so incredibly bland. πŸ˜‚ You’d be surprised how Victorian some of the houses in the east look. It’s because the cities grew out of the Revolution over here rather than being a product of rapid expansion. If you peek at a nighttime map of the US’ light pollution, you can see how obvious it is. Lots of historic houses out here, 100+ years old.

        Haha, I wrote a paper on Mexican drug cartels for a final a couple years ago; I have no intention of ever going there, hahahhahaha.

      8. That sounds amazing. Though I wouldn’t call the weather in the bay bland, it’s freaking bipolar. In the central valley and socal it is quite regular however.
        The last time I was in Mexico I was 13, after that it just got too dangerous. I miss it though, there are some very beautiful (almost fairy tale-like) places there.

      9. Hahah, the Bay Area weather is even more bland than SoCal, and the droughts all over are as boring as they are long for me. The central valley’s weather is really boring, and the whole coast sucks what with cold and fog. It just can’t compare out there to here, where it is truly bipolar. It will be 35 and sunny for the high one day, and the next day it’ll be 79 and storming. πŸ˜‚ I literally have a shot of it lightly snowing the day after it was 75. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get to 32 anywhere in SF, and people there complain when it hits 80 so forget about dealing with Louisiana summer. πŸ˜‰ Florida’s weather is fucking magical.

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