New Every Day Carry: Lihit Lab Pen Case


Hello all. For a while now I’ve wanted a travel case of some kind to safelly carry my pens and a few other necessities. And once again Amazon pulled through for me. A few days ago, I was searching through pen cases online and came accross this one, on sale. The case is definetly bigger than I thought, about 8X4 and 2 inches thick (which gets thicker depending on how many things you put into it); and though I got the black version, it’s made of a sturdy glossy material that makes it look almost charcoal gray. Now, if the inner link g were black too, I would be one hundred percent happy with this. But, I can live with brown. Here are a few pictures of my current set-up:


(I added a charm to one of the zippers for easier opening.)


(Pens from left to right: Parker Hotter in red, Kaweco Sport Inkball, Pilot Coleto 4 chamber, Pilot Metropolitan in black with dot design, Pilot Petit blue, Lamy Safari in Charcoal, Lamy Al-Star in Purple, 3 Pilot Hi-Tec Cs in blue, purple and green, Staedtler Noris Pencil, Red Stabilo, a Palomino Blackwing pencil, Black Artist Loft Pitt Pen, Brown Sakura Pitt Pen, and a Pilot V5 fine point.) I may change out some pens in the future, but for now these are my favorites.


Okay, and on the other side, I have a pocket foldable box cutter, earphones, earplugs (for noisier locations), an eraser and extra ink catridges for my fountain pens, a glue pen, silver sharpie, a portable bottle of medicine, extra earphones in case I break the first pair (which has happened before), and a notebook with sticky notes inside.
With this baby, I’m read for anything!
(Except for Armageddon.)
Well, hope everyone has a great evening!


9 thoughts on “New Every Day Carry: Lihit Lab Pen Case”

    1. I know, though I wish the color scheme was a bit different, I still love this case. I’ve carried it with me for the last week and it’s quickly become a necessary part of my bag. It’s really handy! And, I like that my fountain pens don’t scratch against each other. This way, it reduces the rare chance of leaks.

      1. I can relate: I don’t like brown and especially don’t like it with black. The inside wouuuulllddd be better black. 😮 I’m also a sucker for neon explosions. I’m definitely investing in one of those babies soon.

      2. Right? A different color would have been nice, like a gray or brighter color too. Glad you like it though, it’s definitely worth it. You can pack a LOT into it if you’re creative with space.

  1. That thing is amazing… I may have to take a look at it, my fountain pens are running over every corner at my apartment.

    Es increíble cómo en Estados Unidos se consiguen tantas cosas… Aquí es tan difícil conseguir este tipo de artefactos. ¡Jajajaja!

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