The Grave of a Young English Poet


Hello All,
I hope you’re having a great afternoon. The weather here finally took a turn for the cool, so it seems that I’ll be coming out of summer hibernation soon enough. Bare with me. Also, now that things in my personal life have leveled out, I finally have time for a few minor project I’ve been planning to do. The picture you see here is one of them. This photograph, by my friend Arianna in Italy, was sent to me March of this year. It’s eerie but draws me in at the same time. Call it love at first sight. While the other photographs she sent went into my August composition notebook, this one I held onto because I planned to frame it some time in the future. Well, yesterday after getting out of work, I picked up this frame from the clearance section in Michaels. I had my eye on it for some time now, but never had the chance to purchase it. There were three on the shelf, but sadly, this was the only one without serious chips. Originally, I planned to put a postcard of Beauty and the Beast in this, but suddenly remembered my friend’s photograph. So, I cut the inner mat (a burgundy color, and not as red as it seems in the picture. Also, the frame is more pewter than bronze.) and floated the photograph on top. What do you guys think of the end result? Fitting for Halloween, no? (By the way, this is a photo of John Keats’ grave.)


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