A Slow Morning


I finally found the time to sit down at the kitchen table and work on a new notebook of mine. It’s a soft cover, Strathmore, drawing notebook. I like the ivory tone to the pages, they give my writing a vintage feel. What did you guys do this morning? Aside from writing in my notebook, I finally dived into responding to these:

Have a good day everyone!


16 thoughts on “A Slow Morning”

  1. I worked on setting up a fall festival at the church. Nothing to do with my blog until just now. Checked my stats and saw two of my older posts on my duty sex series were tweeted by someone I don’t believe follows me. That could be a good thing since I am still not engine searchable. I cant even find me by tag searching in WP reader. That’s still the way I want it though. I want to build a big archive so my rep doesn’t stand on one post or type of post. Glad to see you’re still posting.

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of work! Where is the festival located? It’s also great that your posts are being tweeted, I think a few of mine were too recently. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog recently. I have been uploading my pen-pal and craft blog more because it’s quicker. There was a minor meltdown at work (called a “hostile take-over” by my manager) that consumed my life the last month and a half.

      1. Sorry to hear your work place was disrupted. It’s difficult to feel secure and maintain productivity when you are uncertain of your future with a change of management and methods. I have had some good family issues come up recently as well as a lot of freelance work that has prevented me from tending to the blog. I can’t focus on writing post with some much else demanding time.

        The festival was just 6/10 mile down the road and we do it every year as a fundraiser and outreach. We also do a free Valentine day dinner for the community. Members of the church are there to host the tables, not as guests. We don’t do it as a way of proselytizing, just as a service. We usually get about 50+ couples at round tables of 6 and wait on them instead of a buffet or food-line kind of thing. There are people who cannot afford to take their spouses of families out or maybe only do fast food as a “going out to eat” experience so we try to give the something special. We even have fabric table clothes for them and take a photo of them as a coupe at a little setting if they want.

        Don’t’ worry about the blog. I don’t think people are expecting you to post weekly, let alone more often. If I want to chat at you, I’ll drop a mail.

      2. I’m sorry for the family issues, I hope things have been resolved. Freelance work is always a good distraction. The festival sounds like a great event too, it must be tiring but really fun to work with others, and especially to see your hard work pan out through the happiness of those that attend. Also, thanks for the consideration, I’d sent a mail too if I wanted to chat with someone, it’s much more convenient.

      3. No, the family issues are actually good. Our daughter who has been away for seven years except for a brief two day visit two years ago is coming home to stay. That’s a good thing for both sides.

      4. That’s great! As someone who has also been away from home for seven years, I can imagine her eagerness to see you again. Nothing beats the comfort of the family home. 🙂 You must be thrilled.

  2. Packing boxes. Lots of boxes. And moving boxes. All the boxes. My back has been in spasm ever since, it’s a delight.

    Oh, and making Hallowe’en decorations 🙂

      1. Haha, believe it or not, my job includes spending a good amount of time lugging around and emptying shipment boxes. For my size, people are always shocked how strong I can be. Hahaha.

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