My Latest Fountain Pen: Jinhao X750

Hello All,

I know it’s been a while (a long while) since my last pen post. So, I thought I’d finally break that dry streak and upload a few pictures of my most resent acquisition: The Jinhao X750. I purchased the “Shimmering Sands” model from Amazon when it was on sale a few weeks ago, and so far, I am really shocked at how nice it is. However, just like every other pen, there are things I like, and things I don’t like about it. But first, take a look at some of the shots I took. (Sorry for the slight blue tinge, it was early morning when I got the chance to sit down and take these.) 



From the various pictures I saw of it online, I originally thought it would be thinner, and lighter since I didn’t order the full metal model. However, moments after pulling it from its packaging, I almost dropped it because I was shocked by the weight. It’s a hefty pen, that’s for sure; so much so that I have to write with it uncapped in order to reduce wrist strain. However, this doesn’t change the fact that this is a really pretty pen, well made, and all for ten dollars, whaaat? It also lives up to its model name, because even though you can see the glitter in the black barrel, the lighting doesn’t do it justice. And being the crow-like individual that I am, I could stand under the sun staring at it for hours. The nib is also larger than I thought, and writes like a medium nib, with thicker lines. Though I prefer fine to extra-fine nibs, I’m not entirely unhappy with this one. For one, broader lines bring out the different shades in fountain pen inks quite nicely. The metal rings at both ends, and the elaborate engraving in the cap are all nice touches, as well as the pen clip. Yet, therein lies another issue, the pen clip is really tough, and so is useless in my case. In all, the pen is rather nice for its price range; a bit heavy for prolonged writing, though it has nice weight distribution and its large nib (writes like a medium, size isn’t specified, and no it’s not an 18K gold nib) brings out the shades in inks nicer than finer nibs.


Also, as is my custom, I purchased a bottle of ink with the pen. This time, I got Noddler’s Burgundy, which, unlike the name suggests, is more of a magenta than a burgundy. At first, I was a bit annoyed at this, but after loading the pen with it and writing out a few words, I fell in love with the ink. Noodler’s inks come in great colors, are well priced, have little to no feathering, and the same goes with bleed-through. Below is a pen and ink sample. (Again, the morning light dulled the ink’s vibrancy. I have to come up with better shooting schedules.)


Yup, I’m no good at long reviews (or reviews in general), so I’ll end this here. I do have another pen on the way, so look for another pen post in the near future. Have a good night!


4 thoughts on “My Latest Fountain Pen: Jinhao X750”

  1. I love fountain pens but cannot write with them. Too much pressure in my stroke. Don’t have to worry about never owning a Montblanc is the upside I suppose.

    1. You could always try a flex nib! Montblancs are nice, but I’d never use one either, too heavy and too expensive to risk using haha. At the moment, I have my eye on a Pilot Vanishing Point. But that’s going to have to wait.

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