August Notebook Challenge Update

Good afternoon everyone, 

Well, seems like summer is coming to a close, what with August up and school already begun (or about to begin, in my case). At the beginning of last month, I started a challenge called the August Composition Notebook Challenge. I haven’t used a compo journal in a long time, since high school actually, and so, I wanted to see if I could finish a notebook in one month. Now, here are a few pictures of the results. For more, you can check out my previous update post: Week One Update. (Obviously, I forgot the remaining three weeks.) 

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

I wish I could say that I was able to finish the entire notebook, but I didn’t. I got close though, and then I realized that the notebook I’d chosen wasn’t normal. It’s a 3 subject kind with extra pages. (Yes, that’s my excuse.) However, throughout the month, I discovered some great things: 

1. Mead Compo Journals actually have better paper quality than your basic Moleskine. Yep, I used fountain pens, Prismacolor markers, felt tip markers, and of course the occasional pencil. No bleed through, that is, unless I went over something several times and then of course the ink would eventually seep through the paper. 

2. It was a great place to store pen-pal letters I received throughout the month. 

3. They are also handy for drafting, as you can see in one of the pictures. I wrote a couple chapters of a story I am currently working on. 

Yes folks, for one month, this notebook became my life. Everything went in it. I won’t lie either and say that it was super easy to do, because some parts weren’t. While it’s simple enough to throw the occasional picture and letter inside, the actual written portions were the toughest. Writing always is hard. Do I regret putting myself through this? Absolutely not. However, I did learn that hoping to finish this with all the craziness in my life was a bit much, so my next journal will be paced throughout these following months. In fact, the latest one has quickly become my go to place for logging different fonts and designs used for hand lettering (one of my most recent hobbies). I thought about starting a pocket notebook for the month, and even purchased a Moleskine, but sadly the paper quality is so poor that almost any pen I use bleeds through. Thus, the little book will become the place where I draft ideas. For this month, I will be using an Eccolo notebook that a friend gave me. The paper is nice (though certain fountain pen inks do leak a bit), and the notebook is small without being too small for on the go writing. 

Well, thank you for making it through this with me. Till next time! 


5 thoughts on “August Notebook Challenge Update”

  1. Hey Mary,
    No content on the WP reader and none here on the page. I tried refreshing the page just in case but still no text or images in the post. It isn’t April 1st already, is it?

      1. I’ve done the same thing and the post went up with all my notes and junk at the bottom of it. I didn’t know how to “unpublish” it so I scrambled for 20 minutes editing the post that went out hoping no one opened it before I finished.

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