R.I.P. Robin Williams

” . . . At me too someone is looking,

of me too someone is saying, He is sleeping, 

he knows nothing, let him sleep on.” 

~Waiting for Godot, S. Beckett 


You brought a lot of laughter in my life when I most needed it. Thank you. 


4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Robin Williams”

  1. I keep seeing his image on articles on the net and find myself hoping it’s all a cruel joke, that it’s really not over. The picture of him with Michael J Fox has such a telling look on Robin’s face, though what I read into it may have nothing to do with the reality of that moment. It just looks as if there is sadness in his eyes for what happened to Fox and what Fox was going through at the time.

    1. I know the picture you mentioned, I felt the same way. I first saw an article on monday on yahoo, and thought it was a hoax. Once it set in that he was indeed gone, it took me two days of shock and then one night of crying to finally be okay with it. (Sorta.) I can understand to some point what he might have felt (to a very little point, I am not so presumptuous to claim that I understood him completely, or partially), from one artist to another. Still, he is one of the greatest losses of my generation. I know its strange to feel so strongly about the passing of a stranger, but I just adored his work. I grew up watching his movies so to think that the world no longer has him in it, kinda makes it feel as if a part of m y life has had the door shut on it as well. Sadly, in the 20/20 memorial special for him, they never mentioned my favorite movie: Bicentennial Man.

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