Watch Out for Car Windows

Writing’s going to be a bitch for the next few days. Or at least, typing is. A few hours ago my friends and I were returning from a late night visit to Wal-Mart. And as per habit, I stuck my hand out the window on the way home, to hold onto the roof of the car. All of a sudden, from her seat on the driver’s side, my friend decided to close my window for me. Let’s just say I didn’t move fast enough, and now I have three aching fingers. Well played cosmic forces, well played. 


20 thoughts on “Watch Out for Car Windows”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Why am I seeming to cruelly laugh? Yesterday morning I sliced the end of my left ring finger with a pair of parrot bill pruning shears. No, I wasn’t wearing gloves. I am a touch typist and this is very annoying. My wife always checks and call out before pushing ht window button from the driver’s seat. Let me link you a spell check program you can use in comment boxes. It does not auto-correct or grammar check but will red line errors and you can click on a list of options and click the right one. You can also add to its dictionary.
    It is built for IE but it functions in Firefox and XP Home for me. They may have other versions.

    It may help now and in the future.

    Supposedly Firefox has its’ own built-in spell check feature.

    1. They glued the laceration with dermabond instead of stitches but I am wearing a finger cot to protect it. Touch type right, hunt & peck left.

      1. It sure slowed down my typing anyway, not that it has ever been fast or highly accurate. I have a friend about my age who can type as I speak with a manual portable sitting on his lap. I didn’t believe it until he read it back word for word. Very quick reflexes.

      2. He’s a pretty impressive guy all the way around. He travels all around the world. Been to Russia, China, Machu Picchu, Brazil, Africa, on and on. He’s a really good photographer too. He’s my son’s godfather too. He never had any children. Too bad. It would have been a very positive thing for him, though a bit tough on the child. He as very high expectations.

      3. That is impressive. I wish I could travel all over the world. (Who knows, maybe I will.) Having such a drive is wonderful, but can prove difficult when raising children. My mom is the laid back type, but her sister, my aunt is the driven, very serious type. She also has high expectations (she’s a philosophy professor to boot), so my cousin had a hell of a time growing up.

    2. Thanks a lot for the recommendation. My fingers are better now, though a little stiff, but otherwise listening to the signals from my brain:) Also, may I say OUCH! That laceration must hurt like a mother, hopefully you heal fast. I’ve cut myself with those before, so I sympathize. (Though believe me, I’m laughing in my head as well.)

      1. Thanks for your concern, Mary. The pain when I bang it around is just about gone. I can touch type with a band aid cushioning it. If I don’t pay attention, I’ll look at the screen and see a string if S’s because I can’t feel the pressure of the key against my finger when resting on it. Had I been cutting thicker wood and applying more pressure I probably would have cut it to the bone or worse. Go ahead and laugh. You’ve earned the right having been there and done that.

      2. You are lucky not to have cut down to the bone, and here’s Hoping there isn’t permanent damage to the nerves. I can type pretty fast but I do make a few mistakes now and then, especially when I’m tired. What kind of project were you working on?

      3. When I cut my finger I was breaking down limbs for burning. A storm had blown some limbs out of a tree in the backyard and I was trying to “shave” off the smaller stuff with the leaves to burn in my fire pit. I kind of hid by hand behind some leaves when I was clipping and chop-chop. I am not the horticulture or arborist type. I don’t mind vegetable gardening, but don’t like doting over flowers much. There’s nothing as satisfying as picking and eating a tomato while you mow past the garden and are thirsty. Don’t have a garden this year though.

      4. Ouch. Yes, the only plants I have now are a wild rose that came with my apartment, and a philodendron plant and a half. (The half is actually a piece of the original plant that broke off, and I was able to repot it before it dried up. Amazingly, it stuck.) The garden back home ended up drying out a bit thanks to the lack of rain. I was really looking forward to pomegranates this year, and persimmon. Sadly, if I want it, it will have to be store bought.

      5. We have probably 30 double knock-out roses planted along a fence. I worked the PGA one year and we had potted plants on set. We had no access to running water so all day long I would collect the abandoned partial water bottles and at the end of the day I would water all of the plants with them. It was odd to be watering plants with Aquafina. They never had it so good. At the end of the tournament they were going to throw them out. I loaded an Astro van front to back with them. I could only see out of the front and drivers side window for all the plants on the seats and floor. In just a few months we managed to kill them all. We are black thumb people. Thank God, knock-out are not demanding and so forgiving. You just have to keep them pruned down and not water their foliage at night.

      6. Roses are definitely nicer to look at than philodendron. I used to have a bamboo that was given to me over four years ago, and it survived pretty well until one day falling sick and just dying all of a sudden. I have quite the black thumb myself.

      7. OOOPS. There goes the buzzer. You’re too late with the lake. You only get to claim the S.F Bay now. No fresh water swimming for you.

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