Current Travel Kit

Hello All,

Here are a couple pictures of writing supplies I carry with me when traveling, or visiting home. As you can see, I was playing with the filters on my phone.


These are my travel notebooks, and a pen case I recently bought at Michaels. A bit childish, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. Sadly, if you look at the corner of the smaller notebook, you can see some doggy damage. I plan to cut it down as much as possible and then add Tim Holtz metal corners to it to hide the damage. (I really don’t feel like making a whole new notebook, I bonded with this one.)


And here is inside the case. I am thinking of gluing down some elastic to either side to keep the pens from shifting around, kinda like a cigarette case. From left to right, you can see my Pilot Hi-TEC C’s, a Staedtler Noris pencil, a Parker Jotter (with blue gel ink), a cheap (but amazingly nice) fine tip pen from Ink, a Lamy safari, a Pilot Metropolitan and a Pilot Coleto. Amazingly enough, I’m carrying a lot more colors than I was before, maybe because I finally have the inspiration to brighten up my journalling, but it’s mostly because I have letters to write and those I do like to decorate with doodles and such. Well, have a great day guys!


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