Almost an all-nighter

It’s 5:18AM and I’ve yet to fall asleep. Anyone ever have nights like this, when the Sandman’s decided to leave the party early without saying hi? If so, what do you do then, and, what do you think about?

*Could the four cups of Folgers I drank throughout the day be to blame? Nah, couldn’t be.


2 thoughts on “Almost an all-nighter”

  1. I have that all the time. I actually believe I am nocturnal. I can never wake up early, it is the hardest task in the world. At night I find myself be calmer and work efficiently. Time becomes relative and sleep becomes obsolete. Reading can put me to sleep, but I prefer reading at daylight, because I find it less hurting for my eyes to focus. Honestly I embrace my night time by writing, collecting ideas, finishing any kind of work. And if I choose to read on my computer, then I make sure to decrease the brightness of my screen. I installed a program named Flux, it gives your screen a orange feel instead of bright blue. Yep, reading is the answer. Reading shall put you to sleep. (Sorry for this overdose of me talking too much)

    1. Hello, thanks so much for your input! I used to be nocturnal, but work and school have made it necessary for me to regulate my schedule, or else I’d bee falling asleep during the day. Like you, on times when I can’t sleep, I do write a lot and organize notes, because it’s the quietest time to work. And yep, I am reading four books on and off at the moment, when I want to sleep I read one of them until my eyes feel heavy. 🙂

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