Possible Interpretations 2: All Swords


Hello Everyone, 

I hope this Sunday is treating you well, and that everyone’s having fun somewhere out there in this big old globe. A while ago, I did a post on Tarot Card Interpretations, and how one can use these cards as a means of writing inspiration, and on the types of stories that can be created depending on the cards drawn. So far, I’ve received some great feedback, so here’s the second installment. This time, instead of using the Gilded Tarot Deck, I used one called the Lunatic Tarot, a Korean deck with amazing artwork. (Though, both decks are quite amazingly detailed in their own right.) 

One thing I noticed in these cards, is that they’re very untraditional. (And I don’t mean this because some of the cards are a bit risqué.) They don’t represent the color scheme used in some of the more traditional cards, for example, all three cards are from the Suit of Swords, representative of air. For visual association, some cards reflect the color of their element. Blue, or air, is the color of the mind. Logic, reason, forethought. It is the non-emotional side of us. Thus, the sword represent reason cutting through mental fog. (Like Virgil suddenly appearing to Pilgrim Dante in the Inferno, after his epic fail before the Mountain of Bliss. And yes, this reference was unavoidable, and more shall come!) 

A bit about the cards: 

Six of Swords: In this one we see a woman ferrying herself through a river or lake, face calm. This card represents transitions and, sometimes, physical journeys. Often, it means moving out of a chaotic atmosphere into a calmer one, like the tranquility after a storm. 

King of Swords: Individuals like him can be found in legal or disciplinary fields, such as law enforcement, law, and anything that requires an analytical nature. They can appear detached, emotionless even, but are wise and known to give great advice. They represent the side of us that is not ruled by emotion. 

Four of Swords: Pretend this card is the Energizer Bunny after the comercial ends, trying to catch a breath. This card represents a moment of reenergizing, a time to take a breather and just recharge emotionally and, or spiritually. 

And, for what you’ve been waiting for! 

4 Possible Interpretations: 

1. (Left to right) Almost to the End 

The character sits in her ferry (or train, boat, airplane), pensive. She thinks about the person she must meet, the man that might or might not give her closure. She’s a solitary Dorothy growing closer to OZ, and she knows that once she gets there she will finally rest. But, what does she think about on her way there? 

2. (Right to left) A Confused Awakening 

The character awakens to find a tall figure looming over him, and he asks this figure: “Where am I?” The figure, somber faced, tells him to get up. “You need to leave soon, the boat’s almost here.” The man looks about himself, at a wold of swirling fog, and darkness. Am I dead? Or, am I alive? Before him, river waves lap at the ground, and a ferry pulls ashore. “Who are you?” He asks the person inside. 

3. (Center out) Searching for Clues 

The weathered detective sits in near darkness, the only light coming from his old desk lamp, whose bulb threatens to burn out with every flicker. He looks down at the notebook on his lap, and frustratedly he presses down on the plunger of his pen, click click, click click, and for a time it is the only sound in the entire room. What to do now? He asks himself. Not realizing, he falls asleep and awakens in the middle of a river, on a wooden boat with a single lantern hanging from staff of the woman next to him. In her free hand, she holds out something out: the clue he’s been looking for. 

4. (Visual Association) Begin it with a Funeral 

Starting a story with a funeral might be a bit cliche, but what about it being your own? And not just your own funeral, but your fetus self. You are bing lowered into the strangest white earth, and with each passing second you realize that what you are seeing is you, never being born. But, if you were never born, then who are you? Who is the person reading this question? 

So as to not overload you with text, I will end this here. However, I’d like to hear from you guys. What do you think when you see these cards, and what kind of story bits can you come up with? Enjoy the weekend! 


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