After the party


Heading home after a friend’s graduation party, and the day’s not over yet.


12 thoughts on “After the party”

      1. Making the stuffed jalapenos? Make a big batch and save me some. Give me a call when they’re ready to come out of the oven. I wonder what it would be like to char the peppers before stuffing and broiling. YUM!

      2. Stuffed bell peppers are always delicious, especially since they’re cooked on open fire, left to sweat in a bag, and then peeled until all the skin is gone. It’s only then that they’re stuffed, rolled in batter, and added to the stew of vegetables that give them an extra kick. Man, now I’m seriously hungry.

  1. Why are you following my blog?. You don’t seem to fit the demographic. Did you subscribe to me because was following you or what? You’re certainly welcome there, but it doesn’t seem like your kind of place and I was just wondering.

    1. I try not to judge a blog by its cover, sort to speak. Sure, it might not seem like my cup of tea, but I believe that there might be a post to come that I find interesting (though, i’m not saying your posts are boring.) I have an eclectic pallet, to say the least. And sure, I checked your blog out because you followed me, and I try to support fellow bloggers. But I assure you, if I ever find anything truly insulting to me, and my personal philosophy, I will unfollow. That said, I will still read what you post when I can, and just contemplate on what you’ve written. And lastly, I find everyone interesting, no matter the differences. Guess you can say I’m an odd ball. 🙂

      1. Fair enough. I was just curious. I do enjoy reading yours. It is not my usual cup of tea either, but I think that’s why I like it. It gets me out of the rut of only relationship and sexuality blogs.

        I am pretty eclectic too. I like talking with some people that are younger, but not so much the gamers, sci-fi, and fantasy crowd, especially those that consider themselves YA writers. Too much of the same stuff over and over and a lot o it not done well.

        Would you be interested in one by a girl who is going to through the Disney College Program? She a filmmaker too. If so:
        She has a parent blog about her film making but is probably not keeping it up while doing the Disney one.

      2. Thanks a lot for the recommendations! I know what you mean about reading the same thing over and over, this is why I usually avoid writer-oriented websites and such. It takes a bit of weeding to find some truly innovative pieces and artists. I am not a huge Sci-fi fan either, it takes a lot to get me hooked on a story.

      3. Here’s two that aren’t the usual stuff I blog about. The first one may interest you as a blogger and internet user. The second has a surprise ending that after my reading the one about your father I think you will like. They are also shorter than most of mine, Priceless in particular. I can be pretty wordy, but it’s a lot of detail I stick in and reference stuff sometimes.

      4. I am actually familiar with Frankly Speaking, I read the post “If I’m So Good Looking . . . .” a few weeks ago. Thanks again for the recommendations! 🙂

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