Sudden News & Mixed Emotions

Honestly guys, I am still trying to make sense of this myself, but am having trouble figuring out how many emotions I’m feeling exactly. Earlier today, shortly after re-watching Forrest Gump after several years, I received a call from my father. He told me, sobbing, that my grandfather had passed away a little over four hours before. At first, I felt the entire world stand still, and then my brain began to scream because my father, the man who never let anyone see him cry, was sobbing on the phone like a child. My father, who is the stereotypical Latino macho man, was crying and brokenly asking me to find the fastest and most economical roundtrip flight tickets available, ASAP. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about all this. I never met my grandfather, but spoke to him only sparingly on the phone over my lifetime. Often times, he didn’t know who I was thanks to his severe Alzheimer’s. Now, I’ll be planning a trip home soon, to access the situation and make sure that my father is okay.  

Have any of you felt something like this before? 


2 thoughts on “Sudden News & Mixed Emotions”

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Death in the family is never easy, and sometimes it’s harder when you don’t know that much about the person. And yeah, it affects people in unexpected ways; at my grandma’s funeral in February, the ones that took it the worst were those who were normally cool and levelheaded. The culmination of memories and experiences, the determination and struggles…I spent time with my grandma only sporadically. A week or birthday here or there. I knew what kind of woman she was (unbelievably awesome!), but seeing how her children reacted made me realize I’d only gotten a glimpse of something bigger. So I used that time as a learning experience for my family and past. I asked around, collected and traded stories. Maybe you can learn more about your grandfather – and your father – as well.

    1. Thank you very much for your sympathies, it means a lot. and yes, death in the family is always hard, we are still trying to figure things out back home but at least my dad is doing a bit better. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, and hope your family is doing better as well. Collecting stories about her is a wonderful idea, I plan to do the same with my grandfather now that you’ve suggested to me. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean I still can’t get to know him, right? Well, thanks again, I hope you’re getting ready for a great weekend! 🙂

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