Possible Interpretations: Tarot Cards


What can you come up with using these three cards? 

I mentioned in a previous post that I intend to use Tarot Cards as a writing tool, just to see what I can come up with, and as a kick start during those times when coming up with even the simplest story line is near impossible. Thus, pulling out my Marchetti Gilded Deck, I shuffled the cards and pulled three from the top: Justice (left), the Three of Wands (middle) and Four of Wands (right). 

Justice, a card from the Major Arcana, can not only represent Justice, or fairness, but also responsibility, decisions, and of course legal matters (depending on context). Ironically, the Suit of Wands (Minor Arcana) represent fire, of creativity, inspiration, nature, etc., and thus the Three of wands can mean anticipation. Anticipating something new, a potential journey (either physical, psychological, or even a journey with a significant other—again, depending on context), and the Four of Wands also represents excitement, celebration and even freedom. 

But, with all of this said, I can even go off of the pictures on each card. For example, I could create stories like these: 

1. A man (or woman) goes through a court case and its results lead him (or her) into taking a long exciting journey, which ends happily. 

2. This person happens to meet someone along this journey (maybe it was a divorce?) and realizes that this was the actual person he or she was meant to be with, and  it ends with the two being married and living happily ever after. 

3. Being the cynic that I am, I could also reverse everything. A person is happy, thinks his or her life is fulfilled. All of a sudden the spouse or significant other decides that the relationship is over, destroys the stability of the other, and leads the other into taking a long, turbulent journey where things are unsure until the end. I end it with the reader wondering if this individual will survive the journey or not. 

4. One other interpretation I can have might not even be relationship related. The middle card, which (like the middle child) is the odd man out. To the right of him is a happy family, he stops to contemplate them, and then the sea before him. He thinks, “I want that” or even “I don’t want that” and so decided to set out on a journey to find out what it is that he really wants. 

Of course, these are just four interpretations that I can come up with on the fly. But I must admit, this technique worked for me. Not only do I have the basic makeup for a story (very basic, probably only enough for the first . . . or last part of a novel, but enough for a short story), but I can also imbue it with the meaning behind each card. Excitement, mystery, travel, justice, etc..

What interpretations can you guys come up with just by looking at these cards? Something different than me?

Please let me know! 


5 thoughts on “Possible Interpretations: Tarot Cards”

  1. Hm, maybe something horrible happens to your character in the beginning so they decide to seek justice. The story is about their journey to seek this justice and get even with those who have wronged him or her. It ends with the sense of freedom they receive when either (if the story stays dark) they do get their revenge or they find maybe that there are always two sides to every story and not everything is what it seems, so they find a sense of freedom in letting go of their need for revenge. I love your idea of using tarot cards! That’s pretty creative.

    1. Hey great story line! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the compliment. If ever presented with a chance, you should try it out as well, it’s actually kind of fun seeing just how many story lines you can come up with. 🙂

  2. This is honestly such a brilliant technique! Your knowledge of tarot cards reading fascinates me. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Hey thank you very much! I am starting to learn just how useful of a tool they are, and hope you tag along for the ride. Just a note, I recently uploaded a new post about this. Please tell me what you think when you have the time! 🙂

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