Hello All,

I plan to make this quick as I am spending the night working on my latest project. (The one I’ve mentioned a few times in my last posts, if only vaguely.) I do have a couple posts I plan to upload in the next couple days, one on my recent trip to San Francisco, and one for my mail blog, but I must ask you all to wait a bit longer. However, I will pose this question to you: who do you listen to when you are in the middle of creating?

Recently, I’ve been listening to Vivaldi almost entirely. (As you must have guessed from the title of this post.) In particular, The Four Seasons, recomposed my Max Richter. (Summer being my favorite tracks.) I often listen to a classical music station on Spotify, and happened to hear Vivaldi’s Spring. Safe to say, the song inspired me to the point where I began rewriting my entire story and am now much more happy with it. Listening to classical music helps me with the lyrical aspect of my work. (On multiple occasions I’ve been called a lyrical writer, and this is because words themselves sound like music to me. I can’t explain it, at least not well, but sometimes words just have a wonderful sound and a horrible sound to me. A bad word is like a bad note, one that should be taken out and replaced with a smoother note, or word. This may be due to my second language, Spanish, which is indeed a very rhythmic language. It’s near impossible–okay, that might be a stretch– to avoid rhyming with it, especially when composing poetry or prose.)

All in all, I just wanted to stop by and ask, who do you like listening to when in the throes of the creativity?


4 thoughts on “Vivaldi”

  1. Love Four Seasons 🙂

    Depends on the creativity. If I’m writing, it has to be silence so I can test my characters out loud. Crafty things – painting, knitting and the like – I marathon tv shows. I save music to relax and release energy to.

    1. That’s interesting. I am listening to a lot more music now as I write, but before I went through a period where I needed silence. I also have several playlists for different things, and even listen to podcasts.

  2. Classical-Aaron Copeland, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky,
    Movie music-Dave Grusin, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Hans Zimmer,
    Stage-Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Misc.-Frank Sinatra, Toni Tennille, Linda Ronstadt, Willy Nelson, Julio Iglesias, Adele.

    That a start anyway. But, not while I write usually.

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