Daily Writing Goal


Greeting Everyone, 

Is it just me or has it been rather hot lately? Hmm, I might consider becoming a hermit if Mother Nature persists. 

But, enough about the weather. The last couple days, I’ve been measuring the amount of words I can write regularly. In the past, my word count has been nearly bipolar, with one day containing no more than 200 words, and others, well . . . about 30 pages worth of words. (I’ll let you do the math on that one.) Last night, I managed to write 900 words (about two pages 1.5 spaced), and so I’ve decided to make this my daily goal for the time being. In the summer time, this may very well change as I will be challenging myself a lot more, but for now, 900 words seems manageable. What about you guys? What’s your daily word count? Goal?

Have a good one!


2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Goal”

  1. I think an even thousand words is best for one sitting. If I’m pressed for time, 500 once and 500 later in the day.

    But there’s no daily pattern, because some days are all about rewrites. And some days you just need a break (but don’t get too used to that and don’t get too lazy). Some days other projects come up, such as blogs.

    I don’t recommend daily goals, because they will get interrupted and then you feel bad about it and eventually just give up. I recommend weekly and even monthly goals.

    For novels, I started out with goals of 2500 a week which equals 10,000 words a month. That can add up to a short novella in only a few months. Then I got better at it after a few years of such, and tell myself I must write 12,000 words per month — towards a novel specifically. For my next work, a goal of 15,000 words per month…

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback! And I agree with you, a daily goal is the perfect formula for guilt, haha. I did have a monthly goal but learned that it wasn’t the best for my personality, it made me super lazy. A daily goal, on the other hand, lights a fire under me when I most need it. Though, thanks to several years of writing, I no longer feel that sting of guilt as readily as I used to, now it’s more of a “meh.” But wow, 15,000 words, props to you and best of luck! What kind of project do you have planned for this?

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