Real Ghost Stories Online


Good Evening Everyone,

After watching The Conjuring several weeks ago, I did a quick Google search and found an interview between the host of Real Ghost Stories, Tony Brueski, and Andrea Perron on Youtube. Intrigued, I listened to both parts of this interview and soon found myself listening to all the other videos on Brueski’s channel. Now I’m a regular listener and always look forward to the newest episode, especially since, as a writer, they can also serve as a means to further inspiration (especially during those horrible dead times–otherwise known as periods of writer’s block). Real Ghost Stories Online covers all kinds of paranormal topics, from your classic demon and ghost possession to doppelgängers and the Goatman. Therefore, I hope you guys give this awesome show a look (or listen) and have a wonderful weekend while doing so!

Best, Mary

Note: Photo taken from the Real Ghost Stories Online Website

Real Ghost Stories Online is an internet radio show about the paranormal (no duh, we can read the title Mary). I originally ran into it after watching The Conjuring (2013), and doing a quick Google search on


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