The Year’s Tea Jar



 Greetings All,

So, at the beginning of the year I started a “memory jar” where I planned to put in notes or pieces of fun events that I experience throughout the year, but let’s just say that project’s been permanently put on hold. So, I’ve recycled the jar and now intend to use it to store all the tea bags I receive from my penpals. (Last year’s was a box, not a jar, and one which went to Mexico when my grandmother retired.) The ones up above, in fact, are from Germany and New York!

Well, till next time!


15 thoughts on “The Year’s Tea Jar”

    1. Funny! I plan to put my other tea in a separate jar as well, so I don’t have to go hunting for it all over the kitchen. (Once, I had tea bags from three boxes scattered inside all the food cabinets.)

      1. Sounds like a friend of mine. At one point, he had been going out and buying tea every few days, that he actually had more tea than food. When I’d ask him what types he had, he’d look in the box or cupboard and go silent because he had no idea.

      1. That and they fit nicely into your cupboard and are easily stackable to make room for lots of tea 😀

      2. My standard fav is ginger peach. English breakfast is pretty awesome too. If you are looking for something really exotic try Jiaogulan. It’s supposed to be some sort of magical health tea. My tea shop just got it in and it kind of looks like weed lol. It was interesting.

      3. As cool as it would be, I do not have a tea shop. I just have a favourite tea shop here in Kitchener.

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