Reborn: Under Sleeping Trees


Hello there!

Just a few moments ago I updated my writing blog for the first time in. . . I have no idea. Under Sleeping Trees underwent a bad case of neglect since, well, since I first hit the CREATE key. (Though, it was What Dreams Are Made On then. Can you guess where that’s from?) Why, you ask? Well, because I suck, is why, and because trying to juggle several blogs was a no go. Over the past two months and a half, this blog and my pen-pal blog grew in popularity (of which I am most thankful), and so I started to take this blogging thing seriously. (Not that I didn’t before; I just didn’t know how to go about it material wise, and voice wise.)

Just a few moments ago, I also hit the DELETE key on my old blog To Believe in Mermaids; not because it was unsuccessful, but because I incorporated it into Snailmail Is Still In Fashion. In like manner, I deleted the already existent posts in my writing blog and even changed the theme and name. Granted, I’m not telling you all this so you can applaud me for the productive little girl I’ve been (we both know I’m forever the Procrastination Queen), but because blogging is a process, just like writing; and a process I look forward to undergoing, and hope that you join me as well at Under Sleeping Trees.


PS: for my first official 2014 post, I plan to review a book I’m currently reading. The picture up above is a hint, can you guess which it is?


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