Books: A Kind of Paradise


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

~Jorge Luis Borges

Hello All, 

I hope you find yourselves having a wonderful Friday afternoon. For those of you in currently raining states (or countries) I hope no one’s gotten sick. I love the rain, and the earth especially since it’s been so dry here in CA for the past few years. That said, why’d it have to rain on the weekend, when I have work? Well played Mother Nature. 

The reason I’m positing this is because, well, today I got a package from a pen-pal in the UK (which you won’t be seeing till Sunday). In it, were two brand new books. For some reason, all I could do was stare at them, transfixed. It wasn’t so much the type of books (nothing racy, in case you were wondering), but the fact that they were books. Paper and glue and glossy lettering type of books. With all the technology today, it jut hit me how wonderful it is to receive real books in the mail. I’d forgotten, myself, how much I loved them, loved the feel of them in my hands. Ironically, this little epiphany (if it can be called that) didn’t hit me earlier in the week when one of my Amazon books got to me, but it hit me today, after unwrapping these two books from their christmas paper. I’d forgotten how good it felt to be given a book. 

Well, stay dry everyone, and have a great weekend! 



8 thoughts on “Books: A Kind of Paradise”

    1. I found mine mostly on tumblr, and a couple on, but that is a bit iffy because it also has its share of creepers. If you want, you can also put up a notice (“Seeking Pen-pal”) on your blog to see if someone replies. And thanks, I know, books totally made my day.

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