My Newest Series!!

Hello All,

As some of you might have seen, I recently uploaded a post on my mail blog titled “Snailmail Roundup.” This will be a repeated post, and focuses on the mail I receive each week. However, I am also working on a serial post for this blog, which is called Blogging Tools

Now, there are actually two parts to this series: Blogging Tools & Writing Tips. However, since the second is more focused on writing, I’ve chosen to publish that in my writing blog (Little Dreams of Mine) on a later date. Or, if you guys would like them sooner, just let me know.

Blogging Tools will be a series of posts about that exactly, different tools that bloggers can use on the go or at home. Now, this is completely subjective, based on my personal opinion, and should thus not be quoted as gospel. The tools I will address over time are tools that I use myself (or would like to use) and so, I will be writing about their use overall: the good and the bad, and leave you with the choice of whether to ignore me, call me an idiot (please don’t) or try out the tool yourself. Also, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I’ll shut up not and move on to the first post. Stay tuned. (Which, actually means I’m not shutting up. Ha!)


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