Blogging Tool #1: Cameras

I know that many bloggers already have cameras, some even use them religiously and upload a million pictures to their blogs each week (a minor exaggeration, maybe). However, there are still many who only use their phones. (Myself included until most recently.) For the past two years, I was a heavy phone blogger, and uploaded pictures to my blogs through either Instagram, or my phone directly. However, when I finally started getting serious about this whole blogging thing, I suddenly became unsatisfied with my cell phone’s photo quality. (And I have a Note II, not some clunky antiquity.) Of course, I’m not saying you guys aren’t serious about blogging, I’m just saying that I wasn’t very serious at the beginning.

I hated the graininess in pictures not taken in direct sunlight, and the darkness in those taken indoors. So, I decided to get an actual camera to solve this issue. But, that wasn’t at all easy at first, and here is why: my sister and I decided to get a DSLR together, and share it. Yes, we had joint custody, and, as such agreements like to go, it went south. My sister, being a Graphic Design Major, used it more than I did. Whenever I needed it, she would have it and would leave it it to me whenever I didn’t need it. She didn’t do this on purpose of course, but it’s safe to say that things were not working out.

So I hit the web again, and started looking for my own camera, one I didn’t need to share and could actually carry around wherever I went. One thing I do is travel light, so another DSLR wasn’t an option. (One, I barely know how to use them. And two, they are super bulky.) After searching for some time, I finally found the perfect, fun, portable camera: the Canon Powershot N. I uploaded a post about this camera a while back, and so, to keep things short, I can only say that it is a fun camera indeed. It’s very small, takes great pictures, has HD video recording (for whenever I ever decided to make a video) and has a wonderful gimmick: creative capture. This feature allows the camera to take six photos in quick succession and enhances (or ruins, depending on the shots) each one with special effects. (Effects very similar to those found on Instagram.) Thus, it was perfect for a non-hardcore photographer like myself.

I also understand that such a camera has it’s limitations as well, one of which is the inability to shoot in RAW. For those hardcore photographers, this is a must as RAW shots capture much more detail than the other more common formats, making manipulations and enhancements much more easier. Luckily, I have no use for RAW, and, if I ever do, I’ll make sure to borrow the old child from my sister without her permission, just because. (For those of you thinking I was completely ignorant in photography, you now know that I am at least a little savvy.)

And so, I encourage those who only use their phones for blogging to actually get a camera. I’m not saying it’s a must, but, let’s face it, camera shots are a lot nicer. And sure, there are many new phones out there with amazing photo capabilities, but these are few and often much more expensive than getting a camera. (There are, in fact, even lenses sold to enhance a camera phone, and are also an option.)

I hope you find this useful, and look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Tell me, for example, what tools do you use in your blogs?

The old child:


The new child:




14 thoughts on “Blogging Tool #1: Cameras”

      1. I just got one myself for the first time, got the one with the bright green, purple, blue and pink. Not bad! I’ve been using it a lot at work (and my store manager was even impressed by it haha).

  1. I know this doesn’t answer your blog tool question, but you just reminded me of my favorite camera. See, I once had a Canon PowerShot A460. I LOVED IT. Mainly because of the macro mode it had. Amazing macro shots, as far as point & shot cameras go, I guess. I would take it with me everywhere. We had amazing times, but it suffered one more fall than it could take. I must say it still works and the photos it takes are just as awesome as they were when I first got it, but I stopped using it because it takes AGES for it to take one shot 😦
    Does yours take macro shots?

    1. No problem! Aww, I’m sorry for that, I hate it when my favorite things hit their end. I used to have an old translucent clear film camera that I loved, but one day I also dropped it an the whole outer shell cracked. I was sad for weeks. And no, I don’t think this camera has macro capabilities, sadly. Unless it’s built in automatically. (I need to test it out more to see I guess.)

  2. I use a Canon EOS 1000D, but am saving up some money to buy a new Canon DSLR camera, because I want to be able to film, and just be more versatile. Your new camera sure looks like fun! And the quality seems great 🙂

    1. Oh nice, I was originally going to get the Nikon Coolpix but then found this Canon, and decided to go with the second instead because of the neat little feature and the fact that I’ve only used Canons. How is your nikon working for you?

  3. I am a camera junkie. I just splurged and bought myself another one for the holidays in December. All of the holidays.

    I have the same Canon child that you have which is amazing, but as you said, bulky when traveling. Once, while stuck at Heathrow airport for a 7 hour layover and having just been paid in Pounds, and having 6 beers at the pub, I went shopping and picked myself up a little Canon Ixus (the number evades me and I’m still at work and didn’t want to wait to post). It’s amazing as it has a built in fisheye lens toy camera effect and miniature effect as well as all of the other amazing Canon features.

    I also went through an actual toy camera phase. Pretty intense actually. I bought 4 Holga cameras and a 35mm fisheye, and Diana Mini. I adore all of them and highly recommend annoy of them to anyone for a fun time with photography. While I love the digital age, there’s something to be said for taking pictures and having know idea how they turned out then dropping off the film and having that building anticipation to see the results.

    And finally, my all of the holidays December gift was the Samsung WB250F Smart Camera that was on super mega sale on at the end of the year. I still need to buy a new SD card for that, but the bit of playing around I have done with it seems like ti will be tons of fun.

    I have to say though, the Canon Ixus is still my favorite. Super small and light (smaller and lighter than my phone) and absolutely spectacular shots and effect built in.

    Sorry for writing a blog post on your blog. :-\ Geez.

    1. By all means, write away. That just means I don’t have to write anything! (Just kidding folks, I swear.) But your cameras do look fun. I looked up the Holga and they do look super fun! (I am seriously going to look into getting one! They’re so economical!) I was upset recently because I lost the charger to the canon powershot n (so i guess a negative i should have mentioned in my post is that they are only useful when you have the charger haha), but luckily found it last night on the top shelf of my sister’s desk. Now, I have it with me wherever I go.

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