When Inspiration Strikes, I Get What I Want

Good evening everyone!

Can you  believe we’re already at Day 27? Well, for today I chose to return to the tasks where we were asked to modify our blogs, play with our themes, and practically personalize them the best we could. At first glance, the biggest modification you see is that I finally changed my header. After looking at a few blogs, the stylistic element that I noticed the most were the personalized banners and headers of the blogs. I wanted my own, so I made it. Taking one of the pictures I’ve taken in the last week, I edited it on Fotor, and this is what was created:


What do you guys think? And what did you chose to do for today’s challenge?


4 thoughts on “When Inspiration Strikes, I Get What I Want”

  1. I happened to have my computer hooked up to the HDTV when I opened up your page and your new header filled the entire screen. It felt like I was actually there watching the sun come up.

  2. I widgetted (definitely a word) and put categories and archives as pages in my menu. Just some basic navigation stuff 🙂

    I do need to take another header picture, but I don’t have the time, annoyingly. Yours is beautiful 🙂

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