Elisse’s February Photo Challenge!


Hello All, 

So a while back I attempted to participate in one of Elisse’s photo challenges and, frankly, failed epically. However, this January I never thought that I would succeed so much in the Hero to Zero challenge, so this has inspired me to attempt a photo challenge again. Please join me and the others if you can, and check out Elisse’s blog for more information. Thanks! (And let me know if you do chose to participate so I can follow your progress!) 


17 thoughts on “Elisse’s February Photo Challenge!”

  1. Yay, I’m happy that you’re participating as well! If you want, you can also fill in your blog in the Mr. Linky thing on my blog, that way people that want to check out the other participant’s blogs can easily find you ^_^ Good luck! Together we can do this 😉

  2. Reblogged this on deborah mcgrath photography and commented:
    I love these photo challenges, they really make you think outside the box. Or go trawling through your archive to resurrect an old image which in itself can be a good thing. You get an opportunity to review your files, clean up and you can also play around with different effects and create something new from something old.

    My only problem is that I get all inspired by the list at the beginning of the month and then I miss a couple or run out of time. But, you shouldn’t let that stop you I hear you say. Well I agree so, I’ll start this one off and see how far I go.

    1. I know what you mean about losing drive halfway through the challenge, but in this case, I plan to post pictures on the weekend instead of every single day. I used to do it every single day and well, after a while I started missing days, so doing a photo post once a week is much easier than worrying about missing a day haha.

      1. Ok…no idea why the word “oil” was posted instead of “pic”. I purposely just paid careful attention as I wrote the word “pic” to see if any kind of autocorrect thing came up and replaced it with “oil”.
        It did not.
        Nonetheless, Love the new header PIC.

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