Yes, I’m a Dork

Hello Everyone,

Since all of you know how much of a dork I am, I figured I’d share what came in my mail earlier this morning with you all: My new Cross fountain pen! This is the Cross Bailey, which I ordered on Amazon a few days ago. Originally I had a Cross Coventry (the blue model) but  let’s just say puppy: 1, Cross Pen: 0. So, I needed to replace it. Luckily I found it cheaper online than it originally is, because, let’s admit, no way in hell am I paying $45 for a fountain pen with my measly budget. The reason I got this too is because I loved my old Cross Coventry, the weight felt good in my hand and the metal body gave it a cool smooth texture. (Yes, metal and the puppy still won.) I have yet to use this one, as I’m waiting for the ink to settle in the nib. But I can’t wait to use it!

So, anyone order anything neat lately?




6 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a Dork”

  1. Gorgeous! I’m lusting after a new fountain pen.

    I totally splurged today. Big time. I bought a piece of art from an artist I’ve admired for a long time. I actually found him through WordPress. It’s a painting of a ferris wheel on 36″ x 24″ thick canvas using airbrush and acrylics. The piece was on sale today for $900 off the regular price! I’ve been gawking this piece for over a year now and popped on WordPress Reader 17 minutes after he had dropped the price for what would only be a one hour sale.

    Words cannot express my giddiness. Sure, I can’t afford it, but that piece has brought me so much inspiration and now I’ll be able to look at the one and only original piece every day hanging on my wall, and not on a computer screen. Plus, I’ve now built a personal report with an artist whose work I’ve admired for a year now.

    1. That’s amazing! Do you have a link to the artist’s blog so I can see it? I know what you mean though, I completely think it’s worth the $900 if you love it. What I’ve had my eye on is the Blackberry Q10 because I want a new phone, but the only thing keeping me from getting it is the OS and also the crazy reviews.

      1. Here’s the WordPress link.
        And I actually SAVED $900. Actually, I saved even more, because he included shipping to Stockholm in the sale price for me. Have a look on his Facebook page, which you can link to on his blog. I bought the ferris wheel piece 😀

        I used to strictly have Blackberrys (or would it then be Blackberries? Hmmm…), and switched over to Android. Have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, or if you can hold out, I think the S5 will be released soon. The OS is really great and it’s a great phone for blogging on the run! 😀

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