Lost Art

Lost Art

This is a sketch I found this morning in one of my sister’s abandoned notebooks. It is so beautiful that I thought I should share it with you and not let it remain hidden away.


13 thoughts on “Lost Art”

      1. Nice 🙂 Maybe you could post some of her recent drawings too, if it’s nothing asking too much.
        This one actually reminded me of some stuff in my Proyecto Sanz blog.

      2. Sure, the one I uploaded today is actually inspired by the Manga Noise, by Nihei Tsutomu. I’ll ask her to share a few of her more recent work, and will let you know in a post. 🙂

      3. Tsutomu’s art is really awesome, though only theAbara manga and his short Halo story were released around here.
        And maybe someday i’ll have the courage to ask her for a contribution to my blog :p

      4. I have only read Noise myself, but I agree, I love his work a lot. Amano’s too, I love the final fantasy concept artwork and the covers he did for Vampire Hunter D. My sister is very thankful for the compliment:), and wouldn’t mind contributing on a later date when she’s not so busy. At the moment she is working on a stop-motion clip for a class. We are also working on a zine that we hope to finish by next month.

      5. Yes, Amano’s work is stunning. I would highly recommend Angel’s Egg (aka Tenshi no Tamago) if you like his work. I can’t understand it, but it’s just beautiful to watch, the best translation of his work for the screen.
        I would really appreciate it 🙂 So she’s busy doing some cool stuff that you will show us later? Like the sound of it. A “comics zine”?

      6. I will definitely look into Angel’s Egg! And yep, when she is done with the clip she gave me permission to upload it here as well. The Zine is a visual and written arts zine, so it will be a mixture of comic, writing, random drawings, etc. We are still figuring things out. Any ideas?

      7. Looking foward to it 😀
        That’s a tricky question or i’m just not inspired today. Maybe you could make a post about the concept of the zine or something like that.

  1. How awesome! I so appreciate art and those who have the talent. My youngest is an artist and a very good one. Ok, I’m bragging..LOL

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