Apologies to All My Readers

I’ve been a bit absent these last few days, I know. I’m sorry about that and I assure you all that my conscience is kicking me every moment, and that I hope to be back in my blogging uniform soon enough. (What exactly it looks like, well, that’s between me and the laptop.) These last two weeks have been exhausting, what with school starting and swamping me with a brand new workload. Work too has been pretty unstable, thanks to the series of audits we’ve been undergoing (thank you higher ups). We passed the latest one, thank God. Then there was the Spanish exam last week which was a complete bust. (Failed it, though I could argue with the professor about it since he unconsciously sabotaged me.) But you know what, I ain’t ganna worry about it, and will retake it next quarter. The most recent vision of hell, however, was having to co and plead “Not Guilty” at court, for a red-light violation. (I got caught in some asshole’s light, and thanks to his impatient ass I have to go to court and try to keep my tuition money.) I now have a trial date for March.

And now, I am going to go to bed so I can get up early and do the homework I wasn’t able to do all weekend. (Even a holiday wasn’t enough time.) Goodnight, I will do today’s challenge tomorrow when I am well (enough) rested.

Thanks everyone.


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