Way Ahead of Day 18

A few trial shots with the Canon Powershot N’s “creative shot” feature:




You know, sometimes I’m real proud of myself for being ahead of the game. (Or super far back, depending on your stand point.) Today we were supposed to open a few social media accounts and link them to our blog, which (drumroll please) I HAVE ALREADY DONE!!! (Yes, I am this proud at getting out of doing blogging homework.) But yes, for a while now I have had my Tumblr Blog (The Dreamer) linked to this, or, more like I have a link to it on the left. Also, over the last couple weeks, I also added a feed to my Instagram account, created a Twitter account (which I am seriously trying to use more) and most recently a Goodreads account. Please check them out when you can and I will follow you back!

What social media are you using on your blog?


10 thoughts on “Way Ahead of Day 18”

      1. My impression of Pinterest is that it’s like Tumblr, only with more structure. Rather than having one long feed, you have multiple ones depending on the topic. The problem is that there are users upon users covering the same topics; it’s hard to differentiate between them with slogging through their individual boards. Also, the site’s frozen up on me a few times – including when I was responding to the “verify your email” message – and refuses to verify my blog. Also my posts don’t seem to be showing up in the site’s regular search. Maybe I’m just doing everything wrong, but this seems way more clunky than it should be.

      2. Hmm, that is a bit confusing. (Or more like extra work than anything.) It took me a while to figure out how to link my Instagram to my blog because of a similar issue, it just wouldn’t recognize my account.

  1. For my writing stuff I’m using Twitter and PearlTrees, which is like Pinterest but appeals to my organisational methods more for writing. Pinterest is great for recipes and travel, but PearlTrees is more of a mind map structure and, as yet, not linked to WordPress. Still need to set up an author page on Facebook, but I’ll get around to it eventually.

    1. I’ve never heard of PearlTrees, I will look it up. I have a Facebook account but use it more for staying in contact with old friends, and so I chose to keep it separate from my blog. However, I think I am getting the hang of Twitter diligence.

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