Newest Blogging Tool!

I am excited to share with all of you my latest blogging tool. For a while now I have been really unhappy with my cell phone’s photo quality, and so, I decided to get a new camera. The only worry I had about this was that the camera would be too bulky, since I like to travel light and hate dealing with clunky devics. That’s when I saw the commercial for a small pocket Nikon, which I rejected after a bit of research. But, that’s also when I ran into the Canon Powershot N in the suggestions section the Nikon’s product page, on Amazon, and fell in love with it. I got it, and after almost a week of waiting, it finally arrived yesterday just before I went to work. I have yet to put it through the test, but plan to soon enough.





It came with a camera jacket, and this leather neck strap that I am not sure I will use. I had to buy a micro SD card and case for it separately. What blogging tools do you all use besides your laptops?

PS: There’s a new mail post on Snailmail Is Still In Fashion! Photo taken with the camera.


9 thoughts on “Newest Blogging Tool!”

    1. I know, I’m waiting for the moment to go out and play with it. Which will be Monday, since I have homework right now, and work, and then work all day tomorrow. Being a grown up sucks! 😦

  1. That is a cute and shiny piece of kit.
    I’ve got a bit of a tech hoard, actually, all accumulated over the last five years. Desktop, netbook, tablet with bluetooth keyboard, smartphone and a decent bridge camera, and the only one I don’t really use is the netbook because it’s basically a typewriter these days.

  2. Nifty. My only other blogging tool is a Nikon Coolpix S6200. Not the best, but it’s much better than using my iPod Touch 4 camera. Once I learn how to draw well, I’ll probably use my Bamboo Splash tablet too.

    1. Nice! I keep a notebook. My drawings aren’t the best sadly, but I’m also practicing. I love location drawings and urban sketches, and hope to be able to produce my own over time.

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