Playing Catch-Up: Five foods you should try out (if you haven’t already).

Many apologies for suddenly going MIA on all of you, I am finally back. These last few days have been rather exhausting, what with testing out of a course and doing a surprise presentation that same day (today). Yeah, real roller-coaster folks and I still haven’t gotten off yet. I still need to finish one more assignment for tomorrow but first I thought I would upload a few much needed posts. (So no one thinks I’m dead, or worse.) So, for day 12 we were asked to write a post on a comment we made the day before. However, I did not make any very significant posts, so I will ignore this particular instruction. Instead, I decided to write a post on food recommendations, since I spent the past couple days talking back and forth with two fellow bloggers on particular foods (which show up here). These bloggers were Jason from Harsh Reality and Brad from The Convoluted Menagerie. So, here are five foods I think people should try (if they haven’t already). Also some have links to actual recipes!


 Salvadoran Tamale

 (Picture from SimplyRecipes)


 Green Salsa Enchiladas (not the common red sauce)

 (Picture also from SimplyRecipes)


 Pupusas (another Salvadoran dish)

 (Picture from Foodhoe’s Foraging. There’s a wonderful Salvadoran Cuisine post here, check it out!)


 Phô (Vietnamese noodle soup)

(Photo by me.)


 Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles (Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside!)

(Photo also by me.)

Well, enjoy and check out my new blogroll! (Soon to be up in the next few minutes.)


12 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up: Five foods you should try out (if you haven’t already).”

  1. Noodles dishes are mine absolute love) really) i can eat them every day) Especially soups like ramen) Your last two pics made me hungry) haha)

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