I Hate Waiting Patiently


Hope everyone’s enjoying the morning. At the moment I’m in the break room of my University’s Arts and Education building, waiting not so patiently for 2 P.M. to roll on by, since at least then I have classes till six. I’m proud of myself though because I actually managed to get up at seven this morning (an ungodly hour to wake up if you ask me), and even managed to go to Starbucks before my first class! (Confetti should be raining down on me right about now.) But yes, I still have three hours to wait. Luckily i got smart and decided to spend it replying to a few letters I stuck in my notebook. (And play with my phone’s camera settings as you can see in the picture above.) Also, I’m blocking out all excess noise with my trusty black earphones (hint: that black chord at the bottom of my picture is them). Well, I’ll get back to it and try to keep to myself, and not stare at all the delicious smelling food that occasional students pop into the microwave. Seriously, I’m hungry. I might go get food in a bit (so as not to tackle anyone for their lunch. . . just kidding. . . or, am I?). Have a good day folks, till todays challenge post later on.

PS: I know this should have been posted in my Snailmail Is Still In Fashion blog, but my phone’s playing difficult. And I’m being lazy. But let’s blame the phone instead.


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