Screw Work, Hello Blogging

I’m glad to see that this challenge has helped my blog take off faster than I though, faster at least than the last 2 years. Now, 4 minutes before work,  all I can think about is getting home to my laptop and blogging some more, reading some more. Anyone else feel this way?


14 thoughts on “Screw Work, Hello Blogging”

    1. True. At first, I only completed the challenge assignments, but then it hit me that I can still post about other things along with the assigned posts. (Guess the rock hit me in the head pretty late in the game.)

  1. I’m definitely motivated to post regularly because of this challenge. I kicked it off in DEC with the reverb13 and thought that a challenge like zerotohero or janathon would be the answer. Day 5 and going strong.

      1. It’s a writing challenge that goes in every December. Pretty awesome way to look back at the year. If you look back on my blog that’s why I always write in December and then I fall off the wagon.

      2. Oh okay, I will check it out. I tend to blog most in the summer, or around break times from school. Once school starts though, I blog like a drone and my posts end up having no substance.

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