I Think I Overachieved, Not That That’s A Bad Thing

Hello Everyone (again),

So, for today’s challenge I was supposed to find five new topics to follow, and these are: zines, thoughts, musings, film, and review. What tags did you choose to follow?

Here is a list of newly discovered blogs. (OCD? Okay, maybe a little.)  Please take the time to look through them, and have a wonderful day!

1. Zines

jmn artsy


2. Thoughts

White Hot Truth 

The Poet of Sin

Thought Central Station

Synthetic Verity 

3. Musings (Yes, this is kinda like cheating. Who cares.)

nerd on the bridge

Mightier than the Pen

4. Film

Emma Louise Lavender Photography 

5. Review

Bittersweet Book Lover 


PS: I’m super craving this right now.



12 thoughts on “I Think I Overachieved, Not That That’s A Bad Thing”

  1. Oooh, I’m craving the picture too. I’m also craving milk.

    I’m gonna go check these blogs out after I get some!

    I saw a blog that was in complete French, and understood it. I felt awesome.

      1. I wish I had a starbucks close by. The nearest Starbucks is 50 miles from here 😦

        I can’t speak French, and understanding it when someone is talking is a no go. I’m deaf as a door knob in English, none the less with another language. However I can read it 😀

      2. There are several Starbucks in my area, but since I’m usually running late I rarely get the chance to go. I wish I could read french though, I can understand the bare minimum.

      3. I was raised with French on my mothers side, so I heard it a lot as a little girl. Then, being a slacker I took French in high school. I knew the material before I walked in day 1 but it did serve as a nice refresher course.

    1. There’s one about three to four blocks from me, but right in the middle of a grocery center that makes it hell to park, and even more to get out. But wow, I want to go to Japan one day. What is yuzu though? (Sorry if this is a dumb questions.)

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