Snailmail Is Still In Fashion

So I’m sitting in front of my laptop, thinking of other ways I can improve my blog, and all of a sudden, in the words of Gru, I had a “lightbulb” moment. I saw all my penpal posts and thought, why not give them their own blog? This way, I can still post about my pen pals and letters I receive, just not in this blog. It helps de-clutter this blog, and gives my pen pal posts their won lightbulb to shine under. (Too dramatic? Maybe a bit.) So, I created Snailmail Is Still In Fashion. This will be my primary pen pal blog, and has already been updated with the most recent package and letter I have received. Please take a look and let me know what you think!


9 thoughts on “Snailmail Is Still In Fashion”

  1. That sounds like a fabulous idea!!! I’m so happy to hear someone still writes letters on paper. The art of letter writing is not dead!

    I tried a VLOG today…my daughter wanted me to ‘talk’ to people. A vlog was the best way I could figure of doing that.

    1. Yes, traditional letter writing is still popular. I was really shocked (pleasantly so) to find this out because growing up, I always wanted pen-pals. I’m so glad that I have them now! And a Vlog sounds like a great idea, your daughter is a genius. I wouldn’t do one because I’ve tried before, I stutter when I get nervous. I’m jealous of people who can though haha.

      1. Isn’t it amazing to have pen pals, and get letters in the mail? I only get bills, so it’s depressing to get mail anymore! My little girl is very smart for her age, and sometimes it gets her in trouble! Little stinker!!! I stuttered a lot in the VLOG I made. I just re did it. Took me 3 times before I got one I liked.

      2. Yeah, it is nice getting something other than bills in the mail, makes you want to smack the mail man a bit less. (MIne likes to show up real late now and then haha.) And aww, kids are really smart. What’s your daughters name? Well, if it makes you feel better, I didn’t notice you stuttering, but its good that you are aiming for perfection. I edit my posts on a regular basis, and read through them at least three times after posting (and before) to make sure there are no grammatical mistakes (unless they were intentional).

  2. while serving overseas I loved getting mail from my wife or family and that’s one of the positive memories from those days I’d love to relive. I love that you do that and am curious how you started some of those relationships. I’d love some pen pals. Just bought some postage and wondered when I’d use it. LOL good luck with the new blog. I’ll follow.

    1. Getting letters always brightens my day, and I can only imagine how much they brightened your while in service. I actually met a lot of my pen-pals on tumblr, most a couple years ago when the pen-pal movement began. You can try to find a few there by searching the pen-pals tag, and can also try a website called interpals. However, this one can be iffy, since a lot of questionable people also like to make profiles there. I hope yo manage to find a few, and thanks a lot for the follow!

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