Change is good, right?


(Miko caught red-handed, chewing on the strap of my black work apron.)

Hello Everyone,

How many of you have already completed the second task for the Hero to Zero Challenge? I just finished it myself, and am proud to say that it has helped me center myself a bit more. Obviously, I didn’t change the title of my blog, and this is because I like the title too much. It reflects exactly what I want to focus on in this blog. However, if anyone has any ideas for a new title, please let me know. (I swear, I wasn’t being lazy. Not this time!) On the other hand, I did revamp my About Me page, so please give it a read when you have the chance, and let me know what you think.

Thanks and have a wonderful Friday!



10 thoughts on “Change is good, right?”

  1. Liked your new “About” page (though i didn’t see the old one for comparison). II like how it tell us a bit of the history of this blog and not just what it means right now.
    I actually changed the about page of both of my blogs. One of them, more of a little gallery than a blog, has been given a Spanish translation since it is a homage to an argentine comics artist. A bit rough, but i tried.

    1. Awesome! I will check it out:) Luckily I can read the spanish haha. I love an old Argentine comic called Cybersix, though I haven’t read much of it because it’s hard to find. (It’s seriously rated M but I love it anyway, the overall story is quite beautiful.)

      1. Coincidentally I just got aware (last week) of Cybersix and started to watch it’s cartoon on youtube. Pretty neat. A friend found a scan of the first volume in english if you’re interested :).

      2. I believe I’ve read the first two books, and have the second and third volumes (in Italian, so slow readings). I have probably watched the cartoon five times by now, I loved it as a kid and rediscovered it on YouTube six years ago. Glad you are enjoying it:) Have you seen the live action episode yet?

      3. It is awful, it was so bad I couldn’t stop watching. Though there is only one episode on Youtube that I know of. But yes, I really like it so I am a bit angry at James Cameron for ripping Meglia and Trillo off with his show Dark Angel. (The story board is almost exactly the same!)

  2. I only found weird clips of the show on Youtube and it does look amazingly awful, But i don’t know what i’m so afraid of, since i’ve been watching some bizarre low budget 70’s japanese live-action series.
    Dark Angel is here waiting in my computer for a chance, but knowing that it’s a rip off is discouraging.

    1. What live action series have you been watching? I’ve been meaning to watch 7 Samurai, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I tried giving Dark Angel a chance, but didn’t even make it through the first episode. However, don’t listen to me, you should still watch it anyway. Who knows, maybe it has a different spin that saves it.

      1. I’ve been watching an old tokusatsu series called Kaiketsu Zubat. I just love how bizarre and creative things were in the 70’s. There’s a 7 samurai live action series?
        i enjoyed Dark Angel when i watched it years ago. I downloaded it cause i missed a lot of episodes and wanted to complete it. I’ll watch it someday. But i guess my priority is finishing Cybersix.
        Ps. Inspired by you “personal bloggers” i decided to make my own attempt. It’s in english this time 🙂

      2. I know that I will eventually get around to watching Dark Angel, but that day (or days) has yet to come. However, 7 Samurai is the original black and white that the anime Samurai 7 is based on. Also, glad we inspire you! Will be checking it out:).

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